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Today, according to the latest U.S. Census - only 23% of the American population under the age of 18 is WHITE. Already, four U.S. states are MAJORITY NON-WHITE, and 10% of all counties in America are MAJORITY NON-WHITE. World-wide, White women of child-bearing age comprise only 3% of the earth's population. Do these FACTS disturb you? They should.

Currently, America has an estimated 20 MILLION brown, mestizo ILLEGAL ALIENS who have INVADED OUR NATION - this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system - where basically 3% of the population, control 85% of the nation's wealth, are demanding and will eventually grant "amnesty" to these foreigners. Why?

Because they want a cheap, slave-like work force - where decent wages and benefits will be a thing of the past. All in the name of selfishness and greed. Every year, our White children's expected life-style - is declining - compared to the previous generations. Once these illegals ARE granted "citizenship", by LAW - they are allowed to bring into our country - ALL their "extended families". This means not only their usual very LARGE amount of children - but, mom, pop, grandma, grandpa and who have you.

By 2025 - given only CURRENT population trends, coupled with this "amnesty" - WHITE AMERICA will be a total MINORITY in a nation that WAS ONCE THEIR BIRTHRIGHT! Does this please you? "HOW" do you think a White MINORITY will be TREATED - once it's an established fact? Do you think that life for your children, and their children will be "business as usual"?

If you are tired of being blamed for all the world's problems - simply because you are White. If you are fed up with a government that is more concerned about everyone and everything on this planet - EXCEPT the well-being of the people who FOUNDED and BUILT America - the WHITE WORKING CLASS population, and are intelligent and clear-sighted enough to see REALITY when it stares you in the face - JOIN WITH US.

American National Socialists are NOT "monsters" as portrayed by the systems controlled media - we are White men and women who care deeply for the future of our children in a decadent, corrupt world gone mad. A world where decency is "wrong" - and "perversion" is more than "acceptable" - why, it's a preferred "lifestyle choice"!

National Socialists reject the materialist chains that bind the minds of so many, and realize that there IS more to life than acquiring vast amounts of high-interest debt - in the mad race to gather together like pack-rats, more and more plastic junk made in China.

To a National Socialist, things like PRIDE, HONOR, LOYALTY, COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, and MORALITY - actually MEAN something. Like our fore-fathers, we too are willing to SACRIFICE to build a better world for our children whom we love deeply, and like them as well - we are willing to DO ANYTHING NECESSARY to ACHIEVE THAT GOAL.

We are your brothers and your sisters, we are your fathers and your mothers, your friends and your co-workers - WE ARE WHITE AMERICA, just like YOU! Your enemies in control attempt with their constant "anti-nazi" propaganda - to persuade you that "they" are your "real friends" - and that WE, your own kin, are your lifelong enemies. Yet, ask yourself THIS - "WHO" have you to "THANK" for ALL the PROBLEMS FACING YOU? The creatures who HAVE been in total CONTROL - or - those of us resisting the evil? The TRUTH is right there in front of you - DON'T be afraid to understand it and to ACT upon it! You hold the FUTURE - BRIGHT or DARK - in YOUR hands, and TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

Are YOU a TALKER or do YOU make a difference now?

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