Dear Comrades:

After the May Conference of 2009, the ANP HQ received a lot of new inquiries about joining the ANP or the ANP Security Arm (SA). In this article I will try to address the most common questions regarding the ANP SA.

The ANP Security Arm (SA) was started in March 2008. The main mission of this section of the ANP is to actively promote our agenda and to assist the Party Main Organization (PMO) in any way possible.

Any male ‘Official Supporter' who is in a good shape and who has been with us for at least six months and in good standing can petition to join our SA as an ‘SA Candidate.' Promotion to the rank of full SAman depends on his level of activism and involvement in our projects.

First and foremost, every SAman and SA Candidate is an active Party literature distributor. We do not parade in public, making fools out of ourselves and getting our adherents in trouble. Instead, we distribute our literature locally in order to recruit new Supporters for our Cells. We expect every member of the ANP SA to conduct a "literature drive" in his area at least once every month.

Another very important mission of the SA is to organize and protect Party meetings, both National and local. Thus, every member of the SA must be ready, able, and willing to defend - if and when necessary - the Party adherents and their property during any ANP event.

We at the ANP SA do not have meaningless "ranks." The only permanent rank we have is an SAman. All of our Leadership positions are temporary including mine; SAmen get appointed to fill those on the basis of need.

There are two components of the ANP SA: Regular (uniformed and more active) and Reserve (non-uniformed). Before appointment to the Regular SA, an SA Candidate or Reserve SAman is always interviewed by a Staff Officer. After that he has to be sworn in at an official ceremony in front of the Commander Rockwell's Standard.

Anyone who has additional questions about the ANP SA can contact me directly at

Heil Hitler!

Paul Kozak
ANP SA Leader / Chief Security Officer

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