1 WHY? Why does such a vast proportion of the Jews devote their entire energies to the criminal red ship-wrecking operation against the millions of non-Jews, most of whom have never done anything to injure Jews?

2 Unless we understand why so many of these people are doing what they do, it will be impossible to out-maneuver and out-think them.

3 At first blush, what many Jews are doing seems pure, unadulterated insanity.

4 One of the commonest and most virulent forms of insanity is called "paranoia". Its symptoms are delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution.

5 The guy in the booby hatch who thinks he is Napoleon is a "paranoiac." He suffers from "delusions of grandeur." Almost always he will be found to suffer from a parallel delusion that everybody is plotting against him, hates him and is trying to hurt him. Since they don't recognize that he IS "Napoleon" (or God, or Jesus or whatever the nut imagines himself to be), "they are out to get" him. He talks darkly of the "radio waves" they have "beamed" at him to "control" his mind, and he is absolutely sure that he is unjustly persecuted.

6 Whenever we find an individual preoccupied with the idea of his own supreme importance, and always talking of how everybody hates and persecutes him, we may justly suspect the poor fellow of being afflicted with the mental illness of paranoia.

7 When we examine the nature of the Jewish "religion", we find it almost totally preoccupied with precisely these delusions.

8 The Jews have been howling across the ages that they are God's "Chosen" people, superior to all others, and destined by divine right to plant their feet on the necks of all other people. (See Exodus, Genesis, and especially Deuteronomy.) And because other peoples have not been willing to allow these "Chosen" Jews to stand on their necks, and have always kicked the Jews out or killed them when the Jews managed by manipulations to grab most of the wealth and power in their host nations, the Jews have howled even louder, down through the centuries, that they are "PERSECUTED", "hated" and made "scapegoats". They themselves are always guiltless, lovable and the very models of righteousness.

9 In other words, the Jews have actually made a religion out of PARANOIA. And anybody who doubts the Jewish claims of persecution and "chosen" status is proclaimed as INSANE, by the Jews!!!

10 Viewed objectively, it is utterly incredible that these Jews, openly and arrogantly FLAUNTING their own paranoiac delusions of being "Chosen People" and being unjustly "persecuted," could get so much of the world brainwashed into believing that anybody who dares mention these facts about the Jews is "crazy" and - yes, even PARANOIAC that's the very diagnosis the Jewish "psychiatrists" make of anybody who takes a realistic view of Jewish paranoia!

11 But paranoia is not the only reason for the otherwise inexplicable actions of the Jews - actions which, for four thousand years, have ALWAYS gotten them expelled, murdered and hounded out of every country they have infested, because of Jewish ACTIONS.

12 Observe the pattern of Jewish activity wherever they go.

13 Jews are welcomed to one country after the other. Then they proceed to use any and all methods, from swindling to violence, to rob and impoverish their non-Jewish hosts. They use their wealth to gain control of press, education, etc., to brainwash their hosts into giving them positions as behind-the-scenes overlords of national leaders; but at the same time, they prepare revolutions to create anarchy and upheaval, during which they use force and violence to seize ALL power and wealth. And the end results of their revolutions are always that they set up crazy, non-productive, Marxist states which cannot survive without enormous transfusions of money and goods from non-Communist (productive) states and peoples. (As witness Israel, which exists largely on German "reparations" and American largesse and Soviet Russia, which is always rescued by U. S. wheat, money and "AID".)

14 This has been going on for at least three thousand years that we know of. The Jews have done this (as an historical fact) in Greece, Persia, Rome, Spain, England, Portugal, and a dozen other kingdoms, and were then expelled or murdered for their parasitic operations against their hosts, for living without producing.

15 And there lies the first part of the answer to why Jews act the way they do.

16 A huge proportion of Jews just plain doesn't like to do hard WORK.

17 >From time immemorial, they have sought ways to avoid producing what they need to exist.

18 With every other people in the history of the world, LAND - actual territory - has been the fundamental on which the people's existence has depended. You cannot imagine a France, an England, an Egypt, a United States, a China, a Japan, an Italy, a Sweden or any other nation without land from which the nation earns its living and which, in a spiritual sense IS the nation.

19 Yet there is one nation, which has lived for almost two thousand years WITHOUT a foot of soil on which to earn a living - the Jewish nation. How low did they do it?

20 The answer is that the Jews have always used other PEOPLE as other people used LAND.

21 It may be objected that the Jews were EJECTED from their land and had no choice. But literally hundreds and hundreds of other people have also been ejected from their lands, and have either perished or - more often - have proceeded to CONQUER some people someplace and regained some land from which to earn a living.

22 Instead of doing as all other people and finding or getting some land from which to earn their living, when they were ejected, the Jews made a different adaptation; they simply learned to live off of other people, who, in turn, earned the living from the land.

23 And over the centuries, the Jews have in-bred to become socialized and highly adapted to this, and ONLY THIS way of life. Whoever heard of large numbers of Jewish farmers, Jewish cowboys, and Jewish pioneers? Jews never arrive in a country in large numbers until it is SETTLED and PRODUCING. And then the Jews do not go into the country to get land and till the soil, like most other people in a new country; instead they settle in the towns, villages and cities, as soon as they are built, and become traders and merchants, or operators of saloons, etc.

24 Among forms of life, this way of life is called "parasitism" - taking a living from a host without working.

25 There are many animals and plants with exactly the same characteristic: tape worms, ivy, suckerfish, etc.

26 In order to be a successful parasite, a plant or animal must find a way to get its food and protection from its host over an extended period of time, which usually means that it must find a way of anaesthetizing its host to what it is doing; it must do its stealing of food and shelter in some relatively painless way so that, at first, the host is not aware of the robbery going on, and tolerates the sucking up of its own nourishment.

27 You can't FEEL a tapeworm. You just miss your food. You get weaker and weaker and finally die, as the worm sucks up all the nourishment.

28 And there's the paradox of the parasite: the more successful he is, the quicker he kills off his host, and therefore the quicker the parasite dies himself!

29 This is precisely what an overdose of Jews does to a nation (and to the Jews).

30 They slip in unobtrusively as peddlers and "intellectuals," then gradually begin eating away at the hard-working host, devouring more and more rapaciously, always covering up their blood-sucking with the most plausible and high-sounding phrases about "brotherhood" even while they are slipping the "hood" over the "brother."

31 I doubt that more than one Jew in a million realizes that is what he is doing, with his high-pressure merchandising, his hyper-intellectualism, and his dishonest speculations. But the RESULTS are eventually catastrophic for both him and his host.

32 After sufficient time, although you still may not FEEL a tape worm, you know for damned sure that SOMETHING is wrong, and you begin to search desperately for the source of the agony. Sooner or later, when you realize the worm is in there eating out your insides, you physic him out with the utmost ruthlessness, and pleasure at his passing.

33 The endless anti-Jewish "pogroms" of history have been the purging of a deadly tapeworm in the agonized bodies of the people attacked by Jewish parasites.

34 And always, the spores of the worm passed out by one people quickly find their way into the bodies of new and unsuspecting host peoples to begin the same old act of growing and eating out the host once again.

35 In case it seems too incredible and vile to the reader that there should be HUMAN parasites, let me present, from the works of the Jews themselves, their OWN official description of the process.

36 The earliest and most complete record of Jewish methods can be found in almost any home in America, right under the noses of the non-Jews, who have actually been taught to worship the very parasites that are eating them alive.

37 In the Old Testament, we can read the story of a typical Jewish operation in any nation they invade. Jews almost always come to a new nation as hapless "refugees", or prisoners and slaves (having had "difficulties" with their previous hosts).

38 So it was in ancient Egypt.

39 A Jew named Joseph was out tending sheep. His brothers were at first going to kill him for his "coat-of-many-colors" and threw him into a pit. (Genesis, 37) But then some Midianjte slave traders happened along and we learn in verses 26 and 27 that these Jews decided it was wasteful just to kill their brother, when they could SELL him for a profit.

40 So his own Jewish brothers sold Joseph as a slave for twenty pieces of silver, and Joseph wound up an Egyptian slave.

41 In Genesis 39:6, we find Joseph doing such a good job of running an Egyptian household as a slave that the master makes him the "overseer." In verse 6, the Jewish slave has become so indispensable to the Egyptian master that Joseph is made the boss of the entire Egyptian household.

42 But Joseph gets in difficulty with the Egyptian's wife. She claims he tried to rape her. Joseph claims, innocently, that she tried to rape him. (Gen. 39: 12)

43 Joseph is tossed into prison, where he repeats the pattern: he becomes so invaluable to the prison administration with his clever business suggestions that he becomes boss of the prison!! (Gen. 39:22)

44 In this choice spot, he becomes a confidant of Pharaoh's butler, who is in jail. Joseph cleverly interprets dreams for him.

45 Pharaoh later reinstates his butler, and has a dream he can't interpret. The butler suggests Joseph. Pharaoh has Joseph brought before him, and tells Joseph about seven fat beeves, and seven thin ones. The wily Jew tells Pharaoh this means Egypt will have seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. (For centuries, in the Nile valley, there were huge floods and then periods of drought, so that "lean years" were absolutely certain to follow "fat" years, and vice versa.)

46 But young Pharaoh is so impressed with Joseph that he asks Joseph what to do about it. The clever Hebrew replies that Pharaoh must find a man smart enough to gather up huge stores of Egyptian grain during the next seven years. "Surprisingly" enough, Pharaoh picks Joseph as that man, and, in Chapter 41, verse 30 of Genesis, Pharaoh turns all Egypt over to his new Jewish "friend." Joseph becomes the "Bernard Baruch" of Egypt, with Pharaoh ordering, "Without thee no man shall lift up his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt."

47 Joseph duly gathers up and stores the grain produced by Egyptian labor, in vast amounts.

48 When Egypt is drought-stricken, and the Egyptians are starving for food, Joseph begins to sell their own grain back to the Egyptians. (Gen. 41:56)

49 The same rotten Jews who sold Joseph into slavery now come over from Canaan to buy some Egyptian grain. Joseph, who is selling the grain to the Egyptians, gives grain to his fellow Jews. In fact, he gives the Jews a double order of grain on their second trip, and Egyptian gold in the bags to boot! (Gen. 44:1) Then he kicks all the Egyptians out of his office, and tells his Jewish brothers to bring all the Jews over to live free off Egyptian grain. (Gen. 45: 1, 10, 11)

50 Meanwhile, Joseph is selling back their own grain to the Egyptian farmers who produced it. The king is tickled to death, as the treasury bulges. So Joseph tells the king his brothers and families are on the way, and the king promises Joseph that the Jews will live on "the fat of the land". (Gen. 45:18)

51 >From the money being paid by the Egyptian farmers to buy their own grain back, Joseph gives all the Jews wagons, equipment, furniture, and doles out 300 pieces of Egyptian silver to all these Jews! (Gen. 45:16, 22)

52 Next, Genesis 46 describes how a whole ARMY of Jews moves into Egypt, with who "begat" who and all the children and "children's' children," etc. Joseph tells his fellow Jews to lie to the king that they are not shepherds (which he knows might aggravate the king). Instead, the Jews all get free Egyptian cattle and land, the best in Egypt. Gen. 46:34) Not one of these Jews has done a lick of work to produce the wealth they are grabbing. (A familiar parasitic pattern)

53 Genesis 47, verse 14 reveals that Joseph, Egypt's Jewish boss, has "gathered. up all the money" of the Egyptians, selling them grain.

54 As a result, in verse 15, we discover that the "money of Egypt fails !"

55 A depression?

56 The starving Egyptians plead with Joseph to let them have a little grain because their money is all gone. Joseph tells them, in typical hockshop, Jewish style, that they still have their cattle! So the Jew takes the Egyptian farmers' cattle! (Gen. 47:16)

57 The next year, the starving Egyptians again beg for grain. But the Jewish keeper of the granaries (filled by Egyptian work) tells them that they will have to give up their land, too! To survive, the people have to give this Jew their land in the name of the Pharaoh (verse 20). Joseph then puts them all into "concentration areas" - cities, taking them off their own land! (Verse 21) When the Egyptians are finally reduced to utter despair, starving, without their money, without their land and without their cattle, Joseph puts them back on their own land as SHARE-CROPPERS, at 2O% profit! (Verse 24)

58 Understandably, since Joseph is running the affairs of the Egyptians, the Egyptians are poor, working like slaves and hungry.

59 But, meanwhile, the hordes of Jews he has brought in are getting "rich and fat" (verse 27) living off the "fat of the land" - WITHOUT WORK!

60 Sound familiar?

61 After 80 years of this process, the Jews have almost everything and the Egyptians are all slaving for the Jews! (The story doesn't mention what the Egyptians think of the arrangement, but it isn't hard to imagine.)

62 In the Jews' own book of Exodus, we next find Joseph dying, and the Egyptians trying to find some way of getting the Jews off their backs. In Exodus I, there are some verses worth repeating whole: "7. And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceedingly mighty, and the land was filled with them. "8. Now there rose up a king who knew not Joseph. (An 'anti-semite,' no doubt.) "9. And he said unto his people 'Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we! (Take a look at New York City, Los Angeles, etc.!) "10. 'Come on, let us deal wisely with them, lest they multiply, lest it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies..' " (As traitors, spies) (Remember the Rosenbergs, Sobels, Greenglasses, Golds, Moskowitz's, Silvermasters, etc., etc., etc., who "joined also unto our (Communist) enemies?)

63 Observe here the classic pattern.

64 The Jew arrives in rags and tatters and terrible misery because of the actions of his own people. (Not Gentiles, but his own Jewish brothers sold Joseph into slavery.)

65 The host people are relatively easy-going, and soon recognize the undeniable clever business manipulations of the Jew. (Joseph becomes boss of the household where he was a slave.)

66 The Jew begins to push. (Joseph is accused of getting "fresh" with the wife of his master, who sends him to jail.)

67 In spite of adversity however (jail), the Jew prospers because of the same old Jewish ability to manage and manipulate. (Joseph becomes boss of the jail.)

68 Using his wits, the Jew reaches the highest positions of Power. (Joseph becomes the "executive officer" under Pharaoh, and actually runs Egypt).

69 Abusing every leverage of the high office of power, the Jew begins to gather up not just money and power, but all the money and all the power that he turns over to more and more Jews. He becomes so greedy and rapacious that he smashes the whole economy. (Joseph grabs up so much money from the Egyptians that "money fails.")

70 In the following "depression" the Jew gathers up all the material wealth and the land. (Joseph did exactly this, giving his fellow Jews the "fat of the land.")

71 Once the Jew owns and controls everything, he proceeds to make financial slaves out of the native population. (Joseph sent the farmers back to their own land as sharecroppers, producing 20% profit!)

72 Inevitably, this process produces such a horror of Jewish power and wealth and such misery for the native population, that the host people become "anti-semites" and the Jews begin to look around for another country to which they can flee. THEY BECOME SPIES, etc. (The king of Egypt warns his people that the Jews are more powerful than the Egyptians in their own land, and that the Jews are likely to be traitors. He first tries to make the Jews work as slaves.)

73 The next and last step is for the native population to try to hold the Jews back somehow. (The king orders infanticide for all newborn male Jews.) When these less radical methods won't work, the native populations rise up and either kill the Jews or drive them out. (Moses led the Jews out of Egypt only yards ahead of the king's armies.)

74 That Jewish pattern was established in writing more than four thousand years ago - by the Jews themselves. You can check every word of it in any Bible!

75 Basically, it hasn't changed.

76 Always the Jew arrives, as in America, as a tattered "refugee" and is welcomed and assisted by kindly host peoples. The Jew then begins his usual climb up the back of the host people, using any and all methods, even cooperation with his murderous Marxist brothers, until finally the Jews are "exceedingly mighty" and "abundant" in the land, and the host people are paying huge taxes and fees to the Jews to live in their own lands. The Jews sooner or later smash the economy entirely, and wind up owning the very land, making wage-slaves out of the masses of the people, while they slyly ingratiate themselves with the last few non-Jews with power and money.

77 Ask yourself: did the Egyptians unfairly "persecute" the Jews?

78 According to the Jews' own account of things in Genesis and Exodus, the Egyptians did absolutely nothing against Joseph and the Jews. Quite the opposite, the Egyptians made Joseph "ruler over all Egypt," and gave his great multitude of fellow Jews the "best" land in Egypt, free cattle, free grain, and endless advantages. The Egyptians couldn't possibly have done more for Joseph and the Jews.

79 In return, when the Egyptians are hungry and starving because of a terrible drought, there is no "sweet charity" from these Jews. No. Joseph demands first all their money, ruins their economy, then grabs all their cattle, and finally all their land itself!!!

80 While he gives the Jews the "fat of the land," he moves the native people off the land into cities where they are beggars, and then "permits" them back on their own land as sharecroppers, at 20% profit.

81 Would you tolerate a guest, to whom you gave the best room in your home, who took all your money, all your furniture and finally your home itself, all because you came upon hard times and would you then let your "guest" move you back into your own basement as janitor while he lives like a king without working?

82 Once it is understood that the Jews have inherited a most peculiar trait - parasitism - a trait found in no other people, no matter how primitive, it will be easier to understand why they are what they are, and why they act as they do.

83 All the screams of "anti-Semitism," all the howls about "persecution," all the propaganda about the "Chosen People" - and all the whole hell-raising history of the Jews will be found to go back again and again to the nature of the Jew to keep trying to live without working, to consume without producing.

84 And the need to try to keep his hosts anesthetized - unaware of the source of the misery caused by Jewish parasitism - has forced the Jew to develop a whole flock of secondary characteristics which are often more soundly hated than the parasitism which is the basic cause of the trouble.

85 The first of these characteristics is his ability to lie.

86 Almost every great man, from Christ to Schopenhauer, has damned these people as LIARS, "the great masters of the lie," and a hundred other ways of saying the same thing. Hitler says a Jew tells the truth only to be able to tell a greater lie later.

87 In order to hide the fact that they have become a special breed of humanity (i.e., parasitic), they have developed the monstrous lie that they are ''only a religion." Their Jewish appearance is loudly denied, their Jewish characteristics are denied, their Jewish operations and depredations are denied, while those who mention these things are attacked by every Jew in creation as a "hater," an "anti-Semite," etc.

88 And in order to rationalize to themselves this miserable trait of living by manipulations off of those who do produce, the Jew invented the despicable myth of being the "Chosen People." He has granted himself a special license from Heaven to be a gold-brick down the centuries.

89 A father who "chooses" one of his children for favoritism, and then withholds the same love and "choosing" from other children he has brought into this world is a cheat and a scoundrel. Yet the Jews would have us believe the Almighty does exactly this! It is monstrous!

90 Once they adopted the parasitic way of life, the early tribes of Jews were forced to rationalize that such inhuman injustice and criminal bloodsucking was "ordained" by God.

91 The whole Old Testament abounds with their ringing statements of how they will "put their feet on the necks of all other people," how they will have in their greedy hands all the gold and wealth of the earth and make slaves of all other people the dream of human tape worms!

92 I have no doubt that, if a tapeworm could talk, it would groan "Oy, why does everybody hate me and persecute me?"

93 Combining this "chosen" rationalization for parasitism, with a fanatical love of themselves and resulting unity, they in-bred, century after century.

94 And this inbreeding produced the special, recognizable breed of the fat, greasy-looking, rapacious Jew, typified by the appearance of convicted mail swindler Harry Golden better than anything I could put in words.

95 Along with the bad characteristics of parasitism, the Jews were also forced to produce something in which they have excelled the rest of us - a purely materialistic and superficial cunning.

96 There are, of course, stupid Jews. But the AVERAGE Jew exceeds the AVERAGE Gentile in superb mental slyness and sharpness. He HAS to. The average Gentile is a man of force and courage.

97 Whenever he discovers what the Jew is up to, how the Jew is conning him out of his hard-won production without working, the Gentile resorts to naked force to put an end to the depredations of the human tape worm. To avoid this violent end, the Jew has to "live by his wits."

98 So the Jew has developed a good set of "wits."

99 What the Jews palm off on the world as their "religion" is the codified essence of these Jewish "wits," the rules for living like a parasite off the sweat of their hosts, for grabbing the Gentile women for Jewish pleasure, and Gentile men to labor for the Jews, all while getting their victims to worship them as a "holy" people!

100 Does that sound wild, extreme - even wicked and vicious?

101 I must confess that it does.

102 But the evidence that every word of it is true exists in the Jews' own words. Here is a direct quote from the correspondence of Karl Marx with another Jew, Baruch Levy, quoted in "La Revue de Paris," June 1, 1928, page 574:

103 "In the new organization of mankind, the children of Israel will spread over the whole surface of the earth and will become everywhere, without opposition, the leading element, especially if they can impose upon working classes the firm control of some of them. The governments of the nations forming the Universal Republic will pass without effort into the hands of the Jews under the cover of the victory of the proletariat, private property will then be suppressed by the rulers of Jewish race, who will everywhere control public funds. Thus will be realized the Talmudic promise that, when come the times of the Messiah, Jews will possess the wealth of all peoples of the world."

104 Even more convincing is the original source for the rules the Jews worship as their "Bible," the Talmud. This enormous set of rules for using and abusing the "stupid Goyim" - cattle, as they call us - contains more filth and hate than any other book on earth. Judge for yourself! Just read some samples from this Jewish holy book - the basis of the Jewish "religion":

105 At the time of the Cholhamoed the transaction of any kind of business is forbidden. But it is permitted to practice usury on the Gentile, because the practice of usury on a Gentile at any time pleases the Lord. Schulchan Aruch, Orah Chaim, 529 On the Haman-holiday all Jews must say prayers of thanks, called Arud Haman, in which it says: "Cursed be Haman and all Gentiles, blessed be Mardochaeus and all Jews. Schulchan Aruch, Orab Chaim, 690

106 The Kadish-prayer shall only be given when ten Jews are together and they must be together in a way that no unclean thing separates them, as, for example, excrements or a Gentile. Schulchan Aruch, Orah Chaim, 55, 20

107 Jews are human beings; the other people of the world are not human beings, but beasts. Baba Mezia

108 All non-Jewesses are whores. Eben Haezar

109 A Jew is permitted to rape, cheat, and perjure himself; but he must take care that he is not found out, so that Israel may not suffer. Schulehan Aruch, Jore Deah

110 A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated.

111 Aboda Shara 37a

112 Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice.

113 Zohar II 43a

114 Even the best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed.

115 Abodan Zarah 2Gb

116 The best of the Christians must be strangulated. Rasoni, Exodus 14

117 Every goy who studies the Talmud, and every Jew who helps him in it should die.

118 Sanhedrin 59a

119 The Jews were created to be served by non-Jews. The latter must plow, sow, weed, dig, mow, bind, sieve and grind. The Jews are created to find all this in readiness.

120 Berachoth A woman who had intercourse with a beast (i.e., a dog) is eligible to marry a priest. Yebamoth 59b

121 Israel is like the lady of the house to whom her husband brings the money. Thus Israel is without the burden of labor and receives the money from the people of the world. Jalkut Schim., 75, 2

122 And he who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall be valid, let him stand at the beginning of the year and declare, "Every vow which I may make in the future shall be null." His VOWS are then invalid. (Kol Nidre) Nedarim 23b

123 God has given the Jews power over the possessions and blood of all nations.

124 Seph. Jp., 92, 1

125 Regarding any Gentile claims to property rights, their possessions are "like unclaimed land in the desert." Baba Bathra, 54h

126 It is always a meritorious deed for a Jew to get hold of a Gentile's possessions.

127 Schulchan Aruch

128 When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it. Schulehan Aruch, Choschem Hamischpath, 156

129 It is not permitted to rob a brother, but it is permitted to rob a non-Jew, for it is written (Leviticus XIX, 13) "Thou shalt not rob thy neighbor." But these words, said Jehovah, do not apply to a goy who is not thy brother. Baba Mezia, 61a

130 A Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian. The name of God is not profaned when lying to Christians. Baba Kama, 113a, 113b

131 Being a gross materialist in love with himself and his gold, and having his whole nature depend on getting rather than ever giving (exactly like the tape worm), the average Jew has a hard time being physically "courageous." He can't see any point in sacrificing himself since, once he is dead, he sees no gain. (Can you imagine a "courageous tape worm?")

132 Above all, the Jew realizes that his only hope of survival is the utmost effort to keep his hosts from ever realizing what he is doing. Once the host realizes he has a tapeworm, the castor oil is inevitable, and all the Jew's cleverness, lies and ability to disguise himself as a religion are useless. Out he goes into the sewer!

133 So the Jew becomes the world's absolute champion in the art of being a chameleon. In America, he is the original MODEL of the American, devouring apple-pies, yelling at the umpire at ball games and even joining the Unitarian church to parade around in the suburbs like the Goy on Sunday. In England, he becomes "royalty", with a title and the rank of "knight" or "duke". In Spain he hollers "Ole!" at the bullfight and becomes a "Don". In pre-World War II, some Jews even tried to be "Nazis". But underneath, the Jew is still there, and when the crisis arrives, the Jew will out. He is a Jew first, - then an "American" or a Spaniard.

134 The first Jewish justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, Louis D. Brandeis, in his book, "Zionism", pages 113 and 114 set down the real truth of the Jewish business for the eyes of his brother Jews when he wrote, "Let us recognize that we Jews are a distinct nationality of Which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or shade of belief, is necessarily a member"

135 "Organize, organize, organize, until every Jew must stand up and be counted - counted with us, or prove himself, wittingly or unwittingly, of the few who are against their own people."

136 Perhaps the most famous Jewish rabbi in America, Rabbi Stephen Wise, put it even more clearly in a quotation in the New York Herald Tribune, June 13, 1938:

137 "I am not an American citizen of Jewish faith. I am a JE\V. I am an American. I have been an American for sixty-three sixty-fourths of my life, but I have been a Jew for 4,000 years. Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race, and we are a race." From the New York "Herald-Tribune," June 13, 1938.

138 The Jew also has different "skins" into and out of which he can crawl as the occasion demands, much like the snake.

139 The Jew is merely a "religious" group, whenever you begin to notice the devilish number of Jews who are selling us out to communism. "These people, like the Rosenbergs", - are not "Jews anymore", explains the clever Anti-Defamation League Jew, slyly, "because a Jew believes in God, while Commies are atheists. Therefore, the Rosenbergs were NOT Jews!"

140 But when it comes to Jewish crooks from all over the world escaping into Israel, they have a thing called the "law of the return", under which any person with a Jewish MOTHER is a JEW, - by their own definition. Thus, when convicted communist spy Robert Soblen jumped $100,000 bail put up by Jewess Buttonweiser, and slipped into Israel, he would have been welcomed, and indeed WAS welcomed by a vast segment of the population, until there was such a hue and cry over his being sheltered by Israel that it was hurting Jewish "public relations" and they reluctantly turned him over to the USA. However, this produced a near civil war; because most plain Israelis felt that the government had betrayed the "law of return", for this COMMUNIST Jew spy.

141 Then there is the third Jewish "skin" of nationality.

142 The Jews are the chief promoters of the doctrine of the separation of Church and State, agitating successfully all over America to have Christian prayers banned from schools, Christmas celebrations stopped, etc. BUT THEY RUN THE ONLY RELIGIOUS STATE IN THE WORLD, ISRAEL!

143 Even while damning the idea of any connection between religion and statehood for others, they run the most intolerant, fanatic religious state yet seen on the planet. You can't even get married in Israel, - unless you are a JEW.

144 But whenever this Jewish religion is called into account, they quickly slip into the "Zionist" skin, and become innocent, patriotic "nationalists"!

145 >From the racial "skin" to the religious "skin" to the nationalist "skin" is but the work of a few moments to Jews around the world, and they change back and forth, depending on whether they are in America, where they are a religious group, or Russia, where they are a race, - or Israel, where they instantly become fanatic "nationalists".

146 Whenever you try to pin one of these Jews down on just what they ARE, - you will find the argument very much like trying to grab up a handful of slime, - as fast as you close your fist around it, - it oozes out between your fingers and is right back where it was. Attack them as a race - they are a religion. Attack them as a religion, -they are a "people," - and a "holy" people at that. Attack them as a people, and they are a religion again, until that becomes impossible or uncomfortable, in which case they take refuge as a persecuted race.

147 Call them a race, (as they do themselves), and they will accuse you of being a "bigot". Call them only a "religion", and therefore deny them nationhood, and hear them holler how they are the "people of the book" with the "right" to seize Israel from the Arabs for their "nation". Call them a nation and therefore susceptible to the same responsibilities as any other nation, - and right away they are a religion again and you are persecuting them.

148 With all these disguises and frauds, they rely, from day to day, more than anything else on old-fashioned NAME CHANGING.

149 If all Jews went by their real names, the nation would puke in unison to see how its whole cultural life was JEWISH; it would take up arms against the Jews in POWER, it would stop watching the Jewish TV and reading Jewish newspapers, etc. - so these clever Hebrews take old Anglo-Saxon names, bob their beaks, become "Protestants" and presto, - they DISAPPEAR from the eyes of the Gentile world as Jews, - although their fellow Hebrews know the secret and never forget it.

150 An entire book could be produced with a list of the well-known "Americans" who are really Jews who have changed their names. But just to give the reader some slight idea of how he is bilked and swindled by these name-changers every day of his life, - here are just a few of the name-changers which shocked me, at least:


152 Mel Allen Baseball Announcer Israel Harold Arlen Composer Arluck Jean Pierre Aumont Solomons Lauren Bacall Betty Bernstein Benny Baker Benjamin Zifkin Theda Bara Goodman Binnie Barnes Gitel Jack Benny Benny Kubelsky Milton Berle Berlinger Irving Berlin Isadore Baline Ben Bernie Benjamin Anzelovitz Victor Borge Borg Rosenbaum Ernest Borgnine Ermes Effron Borgnine Bobbie Breen Borsack Fannie Brice Borach J. Edward Bromberg Bromberger Pearl s. Buck Writer Sydenstricker George Burns Nathan Birnbaum Eddie Cantor Izzie Iskowitz Sue Carol Evelyn Lederer Jeff Chandler Ira Grossel Charlie Chaplin Israel Thonstein Ina Claire Fagan June Clayworth Cantor Jackie Coogan Cohn Aron Copland Kaplan Ricardo Cortez Jacob Krantz Tony Curtis Bernard Schwartz Howard DaSilva Silverblatt Marlene Dielrich Felsinger Kirk Douglas Isadore Demsky Melvyn Douglas Hesselberg Charles Dubin TV Director Dubronofsky Vernon Duke Vladimir Dukelsky Patricia Ellis Leftwich Clifton Fadiman Columnist Isadore Fadiman Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Ullman William S. Gailmore Radio Margolis John Garfield Julius Garfinkle Judy Garland Gumm Paulette Goddard Levy Samuel Goldwyn Goldfish Dorothy Gordon-Russian-Born N.Y. Times Youth Forum Moderator - Lerner Barry Gray Radio BenjamIn Harry Green Music Henry Blitzer June Havoc (Also Gypsy Rose Lee and April Kent) Hovick Melissa Hayden Ballet Mildred Herman Judy Holliday Judith Tuvim Harry Houdini Ehrich Weiss Al Jolson Asa Yoelson Sybil Jason Jacobs Danny Kaye David Kaminsky Bert Lahr Larrheim Hedy Lamarr Keisler "Little Joe Cartright" Langdon Orowitz Piper Laurie Rosetta Jacobs Marc Lawrence Goldsmith Steve Lawrence Sidney Leibowitz Madeline Lee Letterman Will Lee William Lubovsky Mrs. Jules Lederer, alias "Ann Landers" Columnist Esther Friedman Miss Ray Lev Pianist Elihu Sinclair Lewis Writer Levy Ted Lewis Theo. L. Friedman Arthur Lief Conductor Moiseyev Dance Company Abraham Lipshutz Roberta Linn Dubin Mary Livingston Wife of Jack Benny Sayde Marks Emil Ludwig Cohn Eugene Lyons Writer MorrisGobeloff Kenneth MacKenna Mielziner Noel Madison Moscovitch Marjorie Main Marie Tomlinson Krebs Paul Mann Actor's Workshop Yisrol Paul Mann Libmann Karl Malden Malden Sekulovich Hal March Mendelsohn Mitzi McCall Steiner Ethel Merman Zimmerman Paula Morgan Miriam Spiegelman Buddy Morrow Music Muni Zudecoff Paul Muni Muni Weisfreund Jan Murray Murray Janofsky William Paley Former CBS Head Palinsky Joseph Papp TV Stage Manager Papirofsky Dorothy Parker Rothschild Parkyakarkus Harry Einstein Jan Peerce Pincus Perlmuth Roberta Peters Opera Singer Peterman Mrs. Morton Phillips, alias "Abigail Van Buren Columnist Pauline Friedman John Randolph Mortimer Lippman Erich Maria Remarque Kramer Elmer Rice Reizenstein Edward C, Robinson Emanual Goldenberg Richard Rogers Abrams Billy Rose WilliamSamuel Rosenberg Artie Shaw Strauss Sylvia Sidney Sophie Koskow Sid Silvers Silverstein Elaine Stewart Steinberg Elliott Sullivan Eli Solomon Lee Stevens Adam Weinert Mike Todd Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen George Tvne Martin Yarus Sophie Tucker Ahuza Kalish Walter Wanger Feuchtwanger Mike Wallace TV Personality-Russian Jew Myron Wallik Nathanial West Author Nathan Weinstein Walter Winchell Columnist Isadore Lipschitz Shelley Winters Hollywood Schrift Ed Wynn Israel Edwin Leopold Keenan Wynn Frank Leopold


154 Jerzy Borejsza Government Publisher, Poland, 1954 (D) Goldberg Michael M. Borodin Founded Communism China (D) Jacob Grueenherg Bounskov Foundamentzky Harry Bridges President ILWU (E) A. B. Renton Ralph Bowman Head C.P. spy Ring, U.S.,'4243 (FF) Heinz Zimmerman Calvin Brook Red Slovak News Editor (FF) Brueck Kalman Arthur F. Burns Economist Burnstein Admiral Canaris (Noted W.W. II-spy) (M) Moses Meyerbeer Frank Carlson Top Cal. Communist (S) Solomon Szkolnick Hattie Carnegie N.Y. Exclusive Dressmaker (EE) Fanny Kanengeiser Sam Carr Canadian Red Spy (N) Schmil Kogen Lord Cherwell British Atomic Chief (Now Fired) (K) F. A. Lindemand Morris Childs Secretary C.P., Illinois (FF) Chilofky I. Chisienevechi succeeded Ana Pauker (D) Broitman Paul Corbin 1964 Democratic Aide to National Committee Paul Kobrinsky Margaret Cowl Top U.S. Red (FF) Undjus Jacob Arbenz Gunman Revolutionary in Latin America Finzi Dann Gourevitch Clarence Dillon Financial Diplomat (P) Lapowski Raymond Arthur Davies Canadian Spy 1954 (D) Rudolph Shohan Samuel Adams Darcy Secretary C..P., Pa. (FF) Saul Dardeck Ben Dobbs Top Cal. Communist (S) Isgur Efremov Political Commissar Army 1919 IF) Chaimovitch Moritz Erdelyi Member of Bela Kun's Cabinet (2) Eisenstein Edward A. Filene Wealthy Boston Marxist (ll) Katzmann Arnold Forster ADL (Q) Fastenberg Ernest Otto Fox Top Cal. Communist (S) Fuchs Ludvik Frejka Czech Economist 1952 (Purged) (L) Freund Mrs. Anna Fujiwaka C.P. Leader in Japan 1932 (D) Eisenherg Peter Gabor Hungarian MVD Head 1953 (purged) IL) Beno Auspitz Gen. B. K. Galen (Blucher) Red China (L) Chesin Ganetzky Lenin's Envoy, Stockholm (A) Yakov Furstenberg Betty Gannett - Member of U..S. Politburo (FF) Rifka Yaroshefsky Michael Cardin Winner Stalin Film Prize t954 (D) Gindin Garin* Gerfeldt John Gates Ex-Daily Worker Editor (FF) Israel Regenstreit Mark Gayn Amerasia Case (D) Julius Ginsberg Mikhail Milsky Dep. Chief Red Armylntell., U.S. 1944 (FF) Milshtein Boris Morros Red Spy (X) Mores David A. Morse Director in I.L.O. (K) Moscovitch Naout Ginsburg Steve Nelson One of Original Communists Joseph Fleischinger Herbert Nichol Red Field Organizer, UEW (FF) Silver David K, Niles Spy in FDR's Administration (Y) Neyhus Ortodoks* Commissar of Press Akselrode Oserski Soviet Embassy, London, 1935 (G) Fridmann Constantine Oumansky Red Ambassador to Mexico (destroyed many Catholics down there) (Z) Ullman Ouritzky Radomilsky Helphand Parvus Arranged Lenin's Trip USSR 1917 (I) Israel Lazarevitch Ana Pauker Roumanian Red Dictator; Deposed (K) A. Rabinsohn Dr. William Perl Atomic Spy Case (A.A) Utterperl J. Peters Red Spy in U.S. (CC) Sandor Goldberger Petrov Envoy, Brest Litovsk (F) Walzbrot Philip Executed Tsar's Family (G) Golschekin Piatnitzky* Levin George Powers Secretary C.P., Pittsburgh (FE') Morris Poberski Karl Radek Early Soviet Agent (F) Sobelssohn Matyas Rakosi Hungarian Red Dictator, Deposed (K) Rosenkranz Razumow Secretary C.P., East Siberia 1935 (NH) Sagovitch Lord Reading Viceroy of India (K) Rufus lssacs Bedrich Reicin Czech Head MVD, 1952 (Purged) (L) Friedrich Reismann Josef Revai Editor Hungarian "Szabad Nep" (D) Rabinovitch Roani Minister of Justice Under Bela Kim (z) Rosenstengel Riszanov* Goldenbach J.B.S. Hardman Amalgamated Clothing Workers (FF) Jacob Salutsky Sidney Hillman Red Labor Leader IT) Schmoul Gilman Morris Hillquit Socialist Leader (U) Misca Hilkowicz Arthur Liner Red Spy, Germany, 1954 ID) Richard Stahlmann Izgoev* GoIdman Charles Douglas Jackson White House Staff (K) Jacobson Harry Jackson C.P. Organizer, Washington (FF) Henry Gliksohn V.J. Jerome Cultural Commissar, C.P., USA (FF) Jerome Isaac Romain Kambov Director of Press Katz Kamenev Trotsky's Brother-in-Law IF) Lev Borisovitch Rosenfeld Kamensky Hoffman Friederich Karakas Commissar Bela Kun's Red Brigade (HH) Kohn Karski Red Ambassador to Lithuania, 1931-36 (G) Bekmann Bruno Keller Czech Politburo, (954 (D) Koehler M. G. Kenig French Red Editor, 1934 ID) Jacob Gremb Alexander Kerensky Head of Pre-Soviet Govt., 1917 (D) Aron Kirbiz Jean Baptiste Kleber Chief Soc. Mil. lntelligence, U.S. 1930 (CC) Moishe Stein Peter and Helen Kroger Top Soviet Spys Morris and Lorna Cohen Bela Kun Hungarian Red Dictator, 1919 (I) Cohen Lapinsky* Levenson Larin* Lourie Anatoli I. Lavrentiev Soviet Spy Chief, 1954 ID) Lippman William Lawrence Former Manager Daily Worker IC) Israel Lazar Elizabeth Lawson Editor Southern Worker 1FF) Elsa Block I.ebedieva* Simson Michael J. Lee Ephriam Zinoyi Liberman Freda Linton Canadian Red Spy IN) Fritzie Lipchitz Trebitsch-Lincoln Red Spy IC) Ignatz Trebitsch Jay Lovestone Trotskyite Communist (FF) Jacob Liebstein Al Richmond Editor People's World (S) Abraham Richman Roberts MVD Agent on Trotsky Murder (FF) Gregory Rabinovitz Alex Rose Exec. Sec. American Labor Party (FF) Olesh Royz Fred Rose Canadian Red Spy (N) Rosenberg Nat Ross Secretary C.P., Minn. (FF) Rosenbaum Carl Ross Sec. C.P.'s Young Communist League, Minn. (FF) Rosenbloom Rumyanzew Sec. C.P., West Russia, 1935 IHH) Rubintchik Ryazanoff Founder, Dir, of Marx Inst. USSR (II) David B. Goldenbach Moshe Sharett Moshe Shertok Andre Simon Czech C.P. Editor, 1952 (Purged) IL) Otto Katz Richard Sasuly Red in US. Army Intelligence (0) Alex Furth Ad Schoonenberg Dutch Editor of C.P Organ "TRUTH"(D) Belmonte Moi-Sha (Mah Kun) Chiang Kai-Shek's Fin, Adv. (K) Morris A. Cohen John Sanford Red Hollywood Writer 1FF) Julius Shapiro Rudolph Slansky Czech Premier 1932 (Purged) (L) Salzmann Jack Sobel U.S. Red Spy ICC) Sobolevicius Solntzev* Bleichman Soukanov* Ghimmer Jack Stachel One of Original Communists Jacob Stachel Steklov Petrograd Press Chief Nachamkess John Steuben Red Editor, "March of Labor" (FE') Isaac Rijock I. F. Stone Red Editor (V) Isadore Feinstein Gerard Swope Was Head of General Electric (JJ) Gershon Schwabe Emmerich Szallay Sec. Home Affairs Under Bela Kun IHH) Hollander Tchernomorsky* Tchermordik Tchernov* Soviet Minister of Agriculture Feldman Leon Trotsky Founder of C.P. (I) Leiba Davidovitch Bronstein Prof. Eugene S. Varga Top Soviet Writer 1954 (D) Weisefield Vargo Gov. of Capital Under Bela Kun (Z) Weichzelbaum Zoltan Vas Director Komlo Mines, Hungary 1954 (D) Weinberger Jean Villon C.P. Deputy, France After WW II (K) Ginsberger Vladimirov* Feldman Vobrov* Natansson Volodarsky* Kohen Voltchlcov Soviet Embassy-, London, 1935 (G) Berkmann William Weiner Finance Secretary, C.P. (CC) Welwel Warszower Harry Dexter White US. Red Spy (DB) Weiss Carl Winter U.S. Communist (D) Philip Weissberg Stephen S. Wise Communist Rabbi A.J. Congress (BB) Weisz Nathan Witt Communist Lawyer (R) Witkowsky Henry Yagoda Head of OGPU (Purged 1938 IC) Herschel Yemelyan Yaroslawsky Head of Anti-God Assn. USSR (Z) Goublemann Yurenev Soviet Ambassador to Japan, 1935 (G) Goffman T. A. Yurkin Red Minister State Farms 1954 (D) Weinberg Yurovsky Executed Tsar's Family (G) Alfred Rosenberg Zagorsky* Krachmann Col. Roman Zambrowski Polish Politburo 1954 (D) Nussbaum Zinoviev (Apfelbaum) Politburo (Purged) (J) Ovsegerstion A. Rademilsky Zverditch* Fonstein

155 But even with all this disguise, name-changing slipperiness, the Jew knows that he is always facing the terrible danger that the host people will SEE him, feel his vampire teeth in their blood-vessels, sucking their blood, and get rid of him or slaughter him, - as have hundreds of people all throughout history.

156 So, realizing this, the Jew is the most hysterical defender of his group security in the history of the world.

157 Attack a Jew, and the whole tribe rises in hysterical counter-attack! If ONE Jew is exposed, the people may go on to discover the whole tribe.

158 And because of this terrible feeling of constant insecurity, because of the Jews' ever-present knowledge that the host may find out the truth about him at any moment and rip him loose from his comfortable, warm bowel, the Jew has developed a fantastic program designed to paralyze his host so thoroughly, in advance, that awakening will be impossible.

159 His genius at this is astounding

160 The most deadly enemy of the Jew is order and national health.

161 Tapeworms don't get started and can't survive in a healthy person who has physical examinations and lives a clean life.

162 And Jews can't prosper in a healthy, well organized, ordered society. In such a society, the leaders will quickly observe the mass of non-working, non-producing Jews sucking away at the national bloodstream and once again, there go the tape worms down the sewer This has happened to them too many times for too many centuries for any Jew to have to be told. It is an unconscious instinct in them.

163 And so you will forever find the Jew as the ferment of decomposition in every society he infests. In a monarchy, he is a Republican. In a Republic, he is a Democrat. In a democracy, he is for "social democracy". In a Social Democracy he is a Communist. Among Communists, he joins Progressive Labor.

164 Thus the Jew is always over on the left - for less and less authority and order in the society - although he disguises it by claiming he is for more and more "freedom for the people".

165 The Jew is the world's champion "liberal", not for love of liberty and freedom, but because he knows that a healthy body politic will quickly rid itself of tapeworms. Liberalism is no longer the belief in liberty that the word once meant. In the hands of the Jew, liberalism has become pure and simple "TAPE-WORMISM", - the organization of the parasitic, unproductive and generally inferior to enslave the productive and superior by sheer weight of numbers. That's why every modern "liberal" program always requires so many billions and billions of tax dollars. Money is the "blood" of a society, and the blood is sucked out of the wealthy and the workers to maintain an ever-growing horde of welfare parasites, subsidized failures and outright bums. If you will examine almost any "liberal" program today, you will find that it boils down to this sucking of the blood of the productive to nourish the lazy, the useless, the worthless and the rotten.

166 The Jew doesn't DARE allow any reform program directed at ANY parasites, because it would be too easy for the reform to spread, for the reformists to begin to see the champ parasite of all time, the Jew, - and get rid of him as has happened so many times.

167 Invariably, of course, the scum knows the source of what keeps it alive, which makes the scum into very effective VOTING BLOCKS for the Jews, who see that they are well taken care of.

168 What the Jew is after is the destruction of the power of government to govern and maintain order. And taking money and power from our productive people and turning that money and power over to swarming scum in the streets is guaranteed to destroy all order and government, sooner or later. For thousands of years, the sly Jew did this politically - by political action, behind the scenes, as the "advisor" to kings.

169 But now the Jew has discovered a faster way to smash public order.

170 Basically, it is what we started out with in examining what has happened to our people and our country.

171 The most parasitic of all ways of living is crime.

172 Where the ordinary parasite finds painless ways of sucking the blood out of his host, the criminal parasite - the bandit - takes it by naked force and violence, careless of the pain of the victim.

173 The old shipwreck gangs were criminal parasites. They just went out and took, by the most brutal force and murder, what they wanted, without working. The victims always perished.

174 Impatient Jews, tired of waiting for the gaining of all the wealth in the world by the usual Jewish Zionist methods of "capitalist" speculation, swindling, manipulations and political chicanery rather than work and production, discovered a short-cut to seizing the total wealth and power in whole nations.

175 The Jew, Marx, invented "Communism." By telling his starry-eyed, liberal Gentile victims that he was going to create a "worker's paradise" here where they could have all kinds of wealth and ease with minimum work by soaking the wealthy, the Jew could enlist vast masses of horny-handed but short-sighted Gentiles into his army with which to overwhelm the relatively few producers and owners of wealth. He made criminal ship-wreckers out of as many "workers" as he could, promising them the loot off the ships they smashed.

176 And there you have the answer we sought at the beginning of the book: the answer to WHO is smashing up America (and the White Race which built it) and WHY.

177 The Jews promote the general disintegrating of culture and order for self-protection, to prevent the discovery by too many of their victims that they are sucking the life blood out of our productive economy, without themselves producing. The more disorder, the more the Jewish parasites can feast undisturbed. And at the same time, a bolder gang of Jews are operating and promoting the Communist movement to seize all our wealth and services by naked force and violence in a Red "revolution" - the old "shipwreck" scheme.

178 Ideology, ideas, economics, religion, sociology and all the rest have nothing to do with what is going on.

179 The battle is not between liberal and conservative, or even between Communist and anti-Communist.

180 We are being victimized by a gang of rapacious Jews out for loot, pure and simple.

181 It is "us" against "them."

182 Either they will use every trick in the book to dispossess us of what our people have produced, either as sneaky tape worms or as violent red ship-wreckers; or we will expose them for what they are anti purge the Zionist tapeworms and communist ship-wreckers out.

183 The reason Adolf Hitler is so viciously hated and cursed today by Jews (and brainwashed Gentiles) is simply that he was the first in modern times to figure all this out and organize his people to purge the Jewish tape worm, and smash the Jewish ship-wreckers. He actually DID it, in Germany.

184 To save themselves, the Jews were forced to a World War in which they got millions of suckers like me to save them from the end, had Hitler survived. Tapewormism and shipwrecking couldn't survive exposure.

185 They keep shouting that Hitler brought prosperity and happiness to Germany only because of "war production." But this, as usual, is another big Jewish lie. Hitler tore the Jewish tapeworms loose from the German bloodstream and the people found out how wonderful life could be without the terrible burden of a mass of Yiddish tape worms strangling production, culture and the national spirit. Simultaneously, Hitler exposed and smashed the Marxist-Jew ship-wreckers of international Bolshevism.

186 As Hitler proved in Germany, the worst of the seemingly insoluble problems of our mad times, the degeneracy, the disorder, the Communism, the political, moral, educational, social, religious and national decay, the racial mixing and the spiritual syphilis spreading throughout our civilization will disappear once we have identified and eliminated the source of most of these things - the Jewish tape worms and ship-wreckers in our midst. The mere fact that Jewish "Mr. Big" has now been "fingered" in this book will insure that it will be hidden as much as possible. And, if not possible to hide it, then it will be suppressed by framed-up "prosecutions" of the author. As more and more people get wise to what the Jews are doing, the Jewish "defense" groups are trying to get "group-libel" laws passed to make it a crime to criticize Jewish crime and blood-sucking.

187 But it's already too late. The tapeworm's victims are finally realizing the truth. And the Jews, as we have said, cannot survive simple exposure.

188 So, in the next chapters, we'll expose their methods of Operations.