ANP Report for October 12, 2010

Racial Comrades: I have just recently returned from the Party's Rally in S.C. on Oct. 9th, and am slowly getting my "car-lag" under control. Driving 15 hours each way in one weekend, is pretty trying for an old fart like myself, but when duty calls - you either step-up to the plate and do your best, OR......

I suppose that many of you would like for us to provide a "video presentation" of the event, so you can be "entertained" from the comfort of your chair, but as I told those Staff Officers who DID attend, and who suggested it - well, these activities ARE held for the benefit of those who DO make that EFFORT to BE THERE...and IF someone wishes to view something that was MADE POSSIBLE because OTHERS took the TIME, RESOURCES, and EFFORT needed to make such a thing possible, well - THEY TOO OUGHT TO COME and SEE as well!

I feel that this event was NOT just a "success", but a TURNING-POINT in the ANP. Not only did our ranks of smartly uniformed SA DOUBLE this time, the numbers of regular Party Comrades finally FAR EXCEEDED the "uniformed" branch in attendance.

I was pleased to see and meet a number of "non-ANP affiliated" White people who came, and was told myself by a fair number that they intend to join the Party and in at least one instance, the SA. I would not be surprised that within a possible "year period" more, that the Party MIGHT be able to field "enough" SA personnel to meet my REQUIRED standards for serious, disciplined American Nazi Party "PUBLIC ACTIVITY", beyond our current outreach activities.

Once again, it all depends upon US - whether WE "do" what is NEEDED to make such growth possible. The ANP is NOT, nor EVER - going out "in public" with a pitiful number of undisciplined, shambling handful of people - seeking ridicule, and deserving it, through NOT making the efforts NEEDED to "DO IT CORRECTLY".

I was proud to listen to the other ANP Comrades who spoke; both ANP SA Political Advisor John Taylor Bowles and Outreach Director Axl Hess ( in my humble eyes ) have improved vastly, in both "delivering" their thoughts vocally, and in the TENOR of their NATIONAL SOCIALIST "COMPREHENTION" and ability of delivering it to the Folk. I'm sorry if I'm so "picky", but the ANP is NOT, nor has National Socialism EVER been "reactionary" - and coming to one of our events, I can assure you that you are NOT going to hear, the same-old "nigger/kike/six-million more" bullcrap... I can only restate that it was a PLEASURE to be able to sit and listen to the growing "future voices" that the ANP is cultivating, FINALLY "going down the correct path".... "MY JOB" of REMOVING true NS from the ever deepening dead-end rut of this reactionary, right-wing, "movement" and setting its feet firmly upon its OWN path, has "almost" been accomplished - soon, I hope to see it so firmly set upon this path, that my FIRST goal will have been so concretely finished that no matter "what" may "happen to myself ", my "legacy" will be assured. TRUE, pure and unadulterated NS will march on....and I believe eventually SUCCEED in achieving its ultimate agenda.

Of course, it ALL depends upon YOU. Will YOU have the courage to "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES" to get OFF of YOUR lazy, cowardly, selfish bottom - to FORGET all the PAST NONSENSE that you HAVE been "doing" ( that has not only accomplished ziltch for the past decades, or in truth "looking at the numbers" - set the Struggle BACK from the days when I myself first joined it when it had MORE of "everything" (people/resources, etc.) - and clean house of the freaks and dysfunctionals now included in its ranks...) and INTELLIGENTLY move into Phase Two operations?

Our common Struggle is NOT "only" for OURSELVES - in main - it is FOR OUR CHILDREN. IF - YOU do NOT commit YOURSELVES...101% to "DOING" what is necessary for YOUR/MY CHILDRENÖ..YOU and I are despicable creatures who DESERVE the damnation of our own flesh and blood. Itís that SIMPLE really...

White people NEED POWER and I'm NOT talking here about some simplistic "WHITE POWER" Ė Iím referring to REAL POLITICAL POWER. As of this moment, White people have NO reigns of political power in their hands that I'm aware of - are YOU? We havenít even a frigging "DOG-CATCHER" in POWER anywhere in the USA!

You want it in a nut-shell "what we need to do"? OK, I'll give it to you - we need to do OUTREACH massively in an INTELLIGENT manner, to recruit DECENT people locally, and then to ORGANIZE them and GET THEM INVOLVED in LOCAL POLITICAL efforts. WE run in low-level campaigns to GET ELECTED to school boards, town councils, aldermen, etc. - in localities that are SMALL and "WINABLE". WE do NOT - WASTE - TIME, EFFORT and RESOURCES on STUPID, UNOBTAINABLE "campaigns" that are far BEYOND our present grasp. Anyone who advocates these, are either FOOLS, EGOTISTICAL MANIACS, or SYSTEM TOOLS sent in to MISDIRECT our efforts!

Once again, this "movement" MUST #1 immediately PURGE itself of the HUMAN GARBAGE within it, to be taken seriously by the White masses, and for its own PROTECTION, and if it honestly seeks to GROW, and #2 it must STOP all of its past negative "activities" that SIPHON OFF any TIME, EFFORT, and RESOURCES from what we NEED to DO - to achieve REAL POLITICAL POWER. Difficult things to do perhaps, but there is NO other way, IF we are to achieve our agenda of obtaining an iota of REAL, POLITICAL POWER.

I would like to say one more thing - we are NOT going to achieve our agenda, fragmented into a "hand of a thousand fingers" - it will ONLY be achieved when we CLOSE those "fingers" and create a SOLID FIST. This is going to create a shit-storm amongst the myriad of "mighty poohbahs" and "mini-fuhrers" out there, who PREFER being a "big fish in a puddle", rather than being a COG-ON-the-WHEEL alongside others working for ONE goal - POLITICAL POWER... BUT, I've never been shy before and with whatís facing OUR CHILDEN - I'm NOT going to start now. UNLESS, your present group is following the example of the ANP, it is NOTHING MORE than a "CLUB" and utterly USELESS in securing the 14WORDS and SOCIAL JUSTICE for the WHITE WORKING CLASS and you ought to DUMP IT and GET INVOLVED with US.

Let me simply ask you to consider this - IF your present "club" grew to a MILLION members, but intended to do NOTHING to achieve real political power beyond "meet/speak/eat" ( and talk ill of the "others" ) - WHAT GOOD IS IT to obtaining REAL POWER? And DON'T you dare give me that "Turner Diary/militia warrior" BULLSHIT! Itís all FANTASY and you KNOW IT! Youíre COPPING OUT and you KNOW IT! Your PRETENDING in your "GAME-PLAYING" because you are TOO LAZY, TOO SELFISH, TOO COWARDLY to - "DO" - what YOU KNOW MUST BE DONE, but haven't the moxie to even get involved in REAL, POLITICAL WORK - and you'll NEVER "pick up the gun..." because your GLUED to your CHAIR by your own inability to ACT - NOW - in a "SAFE", "LEGAL", activity, like POLITICAL CAMPAIGNING. Enough said....

The Oct. 9th Rally WAS a "success" in MY eyes and I'm pretty difficult to please. Every single person there, including the non-ANP personnel was NORMAL and anyone who has attended one single "movement event" understands "what I'm saying". There was NOT one bonehead, nor one scowling "hater" making the people around him uncomfortable. I had a Q&A period where I met some folks who naturally weren't "totally eye-to-eye" with what I thought, but what I thought wasn't the "pablum that they had always heard before - I didn't go on and on about how "superior" they are, or how "inferior" other people were to them, I didn't reassure them that at the eleventh-hour Old Whitey would be "SAVED" by the "MIGHTY HERO", who's hiding his ass somewhere at present....No, I pretty much told them what I've related here to you - YOU hold YOUR - and especially YOUR CHILDRENS FUTURE - in YOUR OWN hands. There IS a "PLAN" - here it is - either ACCEPT IT... Or, SHOW US YOUR "BETTER" ONE, and we will all check it out....

Itís EITHER - EVERYTHING for realistic POLITICAL PROGRESS - or, MORE of the PAST SAME OLD/SAME OLD failure, through the continued dissipation of PEOPLE, EFFORT, and RESOURCES. I already KNOW what the "Exalted Highness's" reaction will be - but, what is YOURS?

How can we live with this?
by Steve Davenport

How can you white Aryans out there live with the filth that you do day in and day out? I don't mean pornography, although God knows itís pretty bad. No, I mean how do live, no strike that, how can you crawl on your bellies in the dirt to non whites day in and day out. White pride seems to have vanished. Do you whites feel inferior to non whites these days?
Yes, we do very much crawl. We let laws be passed that gave non whites preference in job hiring, especially in of all things, govt. Then you have the nerve to complain how screwed up our govt is, and how it can never do anything right, and that it sucks up money, and does nothing to help us poor hard working citizens. ĎPoor hard working suckersí is more like it. Everyday I see and hear whites walking on egg shells, because of political correctness. This liberal left whites have been able to ram down our throats all this let's all love each other BS unhindered. Why? It shows total stupidity, and total cowardice. Is this the kind of future you want future generations of whites to live? Do you really want your kids to be wiggers?
Non whites get all the jobs, all the financial aid, basically everything. Including whites kowtow to them. I know, they use the racism card, and if you tell them off, youíre the one who gets it in the neck, no matter how much you were provoked. Thing is, how did this state of affairs come to be? When it first started, why did whites allow it, instead of stopping it immediately? Is this what our white European ancestors would want, after braving an ocean voyage, and coming to a new land, to have their descendants treated like creatures that crawl?
We now even have a black president. I thought George W. Bush was horrible, but at least he knew what side he was on (the rich capitalist elite) and acted accordingly. Obama hasn't a clue. His only real change has been to be a black president. Not an original idea in his head. Just a lost little lamb. Both these men ( I use the term very loosely) are the sock puppets of the system. The will gladly help save the bacon of the financial fat cats Us little guys are told in so many words to go to hell. We whites work hard, and pay extortionate taxes to support non whites. Then our jobs are sent overseas to non white lands. If we're lucky enough to get granted unemployment, it gets taxed.
Our schools teach OUR kids that the white race is evil, and that only non whites are noble and good. Day in and day out our kids are bombarded with anti white propaganda. They're told how bad they are in school, and on TV,and in the movies. Any wonder they have no racial pride, or even racial identity.
Itís time that whites took back their lives, rights, and especially dignity/pride. We need to elect pro white school boards, that will see our school taxes go to education of our kids, and not filling them with anti white propaganda. We need to elect representatives who really represent us, and not themselves. National Socialism is white pride. A system based on the goodness of white civilization. If youíre interested in non white culture, I heartily recommend a series on TV called Gangland. Most educational.
The ANP has, is, and will always fight for white rights. Itís time we whites got our pride/dignity back. Whites have done so much for civilization, itís disgraceful to let ourselves be treated like dirt, and lick non white boots.
Do you really want your kids to grow up ashamed and future generations to crawl like worms, and never know white dignity much less pride? The ANP is your only option, so support us generously. Justice doesn't come cheap, especially in this greed dominated society. Find your pride, as your find money to donate. Itís long overdue that whites receive real justice, instead of the usual political claptrap.

Comrades, due to the thousands of pieces of out-reach materials that were distributed free, to folks at the Oct. 9th Rally, to take home with them - the Party requests PATIENCE please in your current requests - we WILL get them to you ASAP. As well, because of many "reasons" connected with the Oct. 9th Rally - the Sept-Oct White Worker magazine will be an expanded "double-issue".

As a personal note to Dan, I'm not going to laugh at you - itís more sad, your "progress" in the dead-ends of this so-called "movement", but you seem to have to drink that whole carton - as Rockwell once wrote - rather than take a sip or two to realize its sour. "Loyalty" is NOT "following your leader" off a cliff like a lemming. Someday, I'm afraid youíre going to join the "others" who scorned my offered advice, and "move in" where the beds are hard, the food terrible, and your neighbors aren't the kind of folks you would prefer associating with. I honestly admire your dedication, your willingness to sacrifice... But, your basic intelligence, per reasoning things out, I am beginning to question.

OK, letís all get to work, we have a LOT ahead of us!
For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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