ANP Report for December 09, 2016

Racial Comrades: I wish you all the best National Socialist greetings of the Yuletide season! Well, here it is December already, and so much has been accomplished during 2016, yet so much more is still on our agenda to do...

As a "sum up" for 2016 - the American Nazi Party received over whelming INTERNATIONAL jews-media mentions and outright coverage, due to Donald Trump’s campaign for President and our "take" on what occurred, that for every ONE request for an "interview" that we acceded to, we turned away ten more. Why? It’s very simple.

From the first we knew that the mere fact that Mr. Trump had the savvy AND the courage to break the "PC curtain" of SILENCE that virtually ALL systemite politicians toe the line to - most willingly I must admit, after all they ARE the willing stooges and pimps of Judeo-Capitalism and its Culture of Social-Marxism (I know that on the face of it, it appears to be an "oxymoron", yet WHO were joined at the hip to defeat NS Germany…?) yet The Donald had from the FIRST the understanding of the ANGER and FRUSTRATION of those TENS of MILLIONS of White American workers, MEN and/or WOMEN, BLUE or White collar, that the usual political whores dared not appeal to - and he took a logical gamble and pulled it off.

In any case, like any successful Judeo-Capitalist SALESMAN - he told the “TARGET AUDIENCE" - just WHAT they WANTED to HEAR and in the protection of the voting booth, they got their courage back and VOTED IN the "MESSAGE" of the MULTI-BILLIONAIRE 1%er , "somehow" startling the pundits and talking heads on the electronic toilet bowel not to mention ALL of the so-called "respectable" Judas-Goats who THOUGHT that the complete brainwashing of America was completed decades ago... OH! How sour it is to have to face REALITY, that through FEAR the masses kept their heads down, and their mouths shut, and toed the line lest they face the wrath of Democracy’s Thought Police - STILL the WHITE WORKING CLASS - HATED "what" THEIR land and THEIR culture have devolved into, and BY GOD actually ELECTED a man who at LEAST represented the direct OPPOSITE of what you're "SUPPOSED to BELIEVE" according to Uncle Samuel!

It reminded me of what occurred in Chicago in 1966, when in response to MLK leading forced integration marches into the White Working Class suburbs of that city, and the White people having been abandoned by their "representatives" (political AND "social" ala "church" etc et al) they turned to GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL and the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY by the many THOUSANDS! It ASTOUNDED the entire system from top to bottom, that even after years of WWII PROPAGANDA and HOLOHOAX nonsense - that the American people embraced the SWASTIKA as their ONLY alternative to being sold out as White people HAVE experienced decade after decade...

To me, the Trump Affair is another prime example that the spirit of RESISTANCE - IS - still THERE, but it has to be tapped into in a intelligent manner, not like the usual "Village People Sideshow" that DRIVES OFF the White masses through its own - let’s say it - WEIRDNESS and DYSFUNCTIONALISM. Which is PERHAPS is what it is MEANT to DO?

For years now I have broached the thought that many, if not ALL, of these costumed clown clubs have been CREATED and are NURTURED through constant jews-media coverage and system police protection, to be held up as "prime examples" of the "white movement" - knowingly understanding that the masses of White people would be REPULSED rather than ATTRACTED to such bizarre behavior. At LEAST Rockwell made stringent attempts to cull out the misfits, and to instill DISCIPLINE within the ranks of his organization, unlike MOST of these mini-Poohbahs who are like shit magnets, and seem content to be so... I suppose it’s the old adage of "like attracts like", eh?

The "fall-out" of the "election" has yet to be seen in total - perhaps it’s "too soon" to expect "miracles" from the man, after all he hasn't even been sworn in - but, his choices of filling in those appointees has been nothing more or less than a role call of the USUAL political vermin that we're used to seeing... NO "boat rockers" OR "swamp-drainers" in sight as of yet. Of course, let’s be even a little MORE honest - Trump has only got WHAT’S AVAILABLE to choose from, doesn't he? How many reading this even TRIED by getting their names on the ballot, much less GETTING ELECTED LOCALLY to form a PRO-WHITE political base nationally - like our Comrades in Europe DO, to be able to SUPPORT their "big name" political figures?

2017 CAN BE a year of POLITICAL PROGRESS - IF - instead of sitting back on our laurels and complimenting ourselves, we instead commit ourselves to BUILDING that coordinated political Pro-White base that I have been talking about. 2016 has brought a wave of inquiries AND support to the ANP. The question IS - will these new Party Comrades stick with the Party, or as in Chicago in 1966 - when the perceived "danger" is over - will they wander off, finding "something better to do"?

Comrades, now is certainly NOT the time to feel complacent and all warm and fuzzy. Sure, it’s nice to have seen the "worse evil choice" get bitch slapped - but, if you haven't noticed - it has also energized the marxist ranks.

Once more I'm going to sound like a "Grinch", but I believe that it needs to be said. I guess I don't watch enough television...

Of course give "gifts" to your loved ones, BUT - use GOOD SENSE when doing so - it’s wiser to NOT go overboard trying to get that MOMENTARY fanny-pat for some item that will give you an ulcer trying to pay off in the coming year... No matter what the Judeo-Capitalist dogma preaches to you 24/7/365 - YOU'RE NOT Santa Claus and your loved ones WILL continue you love you, even if you don't buy that "must have" Chinese piece of junk - especially since you'll be able to put food on the table and a roof over that table, simply by NOT making those kosher cash register bells chime! LOL

From MY end I would like to make a few remarks. First off, PLEASE when you contact HQ - PRINT CLEARLY. We have had occasions where we have mailed out, let’s say an issue of The White Worker magazine, to have it returned - then we have even taped the return address from YOUR letter on the item and sent it off - only to have that returned as well, as the Post Office can't make it out either!

IF you haven't yet received something that you ordered a reasonable time ago - please E-MAIL ME ( ) with your correct info - and I'll look into it, and attempt to personally attend to it.

Next, there IS a wee "back-log" of items that we will attempt to deal with in December - per usual, we simply need both the FUNDING and the TIME to get everything caught up with and wind up 2016 with a clean slate. Truth is, we don't have any "PAID PERSONNEL" here doing what needs to get done, and so at the end of the year, we always wrap it up with a JOINT-COMBINED Dec 2016/Jan 2017 enlarged issue of The White Worker magazine, rather than two separate issues. It allows the Party to "save up" a wee bit of funds, as well as gives those VOLUNTEERS who work so hard throughout the year a wee bit of a "break". so as to not face "burn out"...

I know that last year this time I was talking about "retirement" as ANP Chairman. I'm afraid that the "situation" makes it not feasible at present, so you will all have to put up with my ramblings for a while longer. As of now, the Party is working towards leadership by "Committee" of trusted and proven National Socialists within our organization. Personally, I believe this to be the best, most viable option, as there have been no sightings of any "Hitler OR Rockwell" types wandering around seeking "employment"...

Let me wind up with a message for all of those MEDIA WHORES who follow our efforts, like a recent system stooge who has been contacting the ANP from the "Jew York Times", seeking something damaging to quote about Donald Trump. The American Nazi Party is NOT a part of this media created term "ALT RIGHT" - National Socialism is NOT by any manner imaginable "right wing OR reactionary OR con-servative"! What in hell is there about this SEWER that Working Class White people are FORCED to exist in, that a National Socialist would WANT to "CONSERVE"? NOTHING!

As National Socialists - we not only seek to "DRAIN the SWAMP" - but to FLUSH the ENTIRE - EVIL and CORRUPT SYSTEM/SOCIETY that is FORCED upon us! Personally, there is NOTHING about this mess that I would suggest KEEPING. When you cut out the cancer from your body, do you wish to "KEEP a LITTLE something"? WHY? So it can spread and grow and harm you AGAIN?

Comrades, I sincerely wish all of you and your deserving loved ones a truly Merry Christmas!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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