ANP Report for January 14, 2017

Racial Comrades: With the New Year here at last, I believe that it's time for us National Socialists to assess just "what" it is that we have accomplished throughout our past efforts, and just "what" it is that we must strive to do in our future ones.

In the past here in America at any case, National Socialism has been broken down into two basic camps. The first was pretty much what can be referred to as the "reactionary racist rightwing" camp. These were people who didn't honestly see "much difference" in those who for whatever reasons slapped on a Swastika, and those who donned a "white robe" as an example - as long as they screamed "white power!" and voiced racial slurs, they considered themselves to be "brothers" in a common cause...

The fallacy that sincere National Socialist REVOLUTIONARIES were simply a "flip-side" of shall we say the "klu klux klan", just ONE of the "57 Varieties" found in the so-called "racial movement", led to these types of groups’ willingness to "band together" with other tiny organizations, flaunting THEIR "symbols" and mouthing THEIR "slogans" in a virtual "alphabet soup" of "alliances" and "confederations" totally ignoring Hitler's WARNING in Mein Kampf about the "ten cripples arm in arm, not creating one warrior...". In fact, the creation of these temporary "rainbow conglomerates" of DIFFERENT organizations melding into one, makes one question the validity of their creation in the first place - in as much as IF they were all the same, WHY were they created into being in the FIRST place? WHY in fact, didn't they simply all get together behind the FIRST organization that came into being before all the others, and follow THAT "leader" and his "banner"?

IT’S BECAUSE EACH GROUP HAD ITS OWN "REASONS" FOR CREATION, AND ITS OWN GOALS AND AGENDA TO FIGHT TO ACHIEVE. In this, the seeds of future eventual dissolutions of each and every "alliance" are planted from the virtual beginning as the various agendas tire of playing second fiddle to the others, and disagreements arise over "WHAT it IS" that the "alliance" should be striving to achieve.

We can see this clearly, when these so-called "Nazi" groups who join in/form these "alliances" start discarding THEIR "symbolism" to "fit in" more with the OTHER partners involved, eventually ADOPTING and CO-OPTING the "symbolism" of the others to the point where they have in reality BECOME these OTHER alphabet-soup types, who eventually feel threatened by the TURNCOAT behavior of those who feel the ability like a chameleon to "change" itself into "X-Y-Z" simply BECAUSE they had ZERO commitment to National Socialism in the first place, simply "USING IT" (the Swastika, et al) as a TEMPORARY "brand name" in the "57 Varieties" amongst the various "movement flavors" to chose from! LOL

This was one angle of "National Socialism" in America, that had the ability to attract those whom I refer to as "jumping beans", in as much as they jump from one movement group to another, could be "neo-Nazi" one week, the next could be "ku kluxer", and then "Super Patriot" always LOOKING for "something new" to titillate their thrill seeking nature, rather than chose ONE IDEOLOGY and sticking with its Struggle through good times and bad, simply BECAUSE its agenda is WHAT they BELIEVE IN.

Hell, I once knew a guy who had a whole closet full of "uniforms" that he collected from the various clubs that he had joined throughout his tenure in the "movement", while he thought to impress me with his collection, I must admit that I WAS impressed at the jaded manner that he approached his involvement in each and every various outfit he felt the temporary need to associate himself with. I have found the same attitude with those who had collections of various "membership cards" from over the years - one BIG reason "why" the ANP does not issue these tokens like baseball cards for the kiddies...

The OTHER "camp" here in AMERICAN NS, has been the "GERMANOPHILE" one. These are those folks who have virtual "DOCTORATES" in the Third Reich era, they can rattle off statistics about WHO/WHAT/WHERE concerning NS Germany like a computer. Sadly, these types cannot bring themselves to EVOLVE and ADAPT National Socialism to the current 21st century, and to the needs of TODAY’S White/Aryan population parroting that White America should don Lederhosen, eat Wiener Strudel, and listen only to music from the Great Composers... You get my drift, I'm sure.

I AGREE that life in NS Germany WAS preferable to the society of the sewer that we slog through each and every day. But, I believe that Adolf Hitler's STRENGTH as was NS Germany's, was that they were INNOVATIVE and PROGRESSIVE in their ways of thinking and living. They never sought to RELIVE the PAST. But, rather to BUILD a BETTER and healthier FUTURE for our Folk! And THAT is the direction that I want the ANP to go...

Sure, each and every National Socialist SHOULD wish to educate themselves about our Movement’s sacred history and its past Struggles to achieve its goals. But, as an ORGANIZATION we should concentrate our efforts upon spreading our agenda for TOMORROW to TODAY’S population. Our GOAL is NOT to enact the Hollywood fantasies of the "Man in the High Castle" as an example. Nor is our NS agenda striving to recreate the "Southern Confederacy" and its White SHARE-CROPPERISM and NEGRO SLAVERY where the wealthy 1% lived like kings off the sweat of poor Whites and negroes alike.

In all truth, I UNDERSTAND completely the DIFFICULTIES involved in preaching REAL NATIONAL SOCIALISM to the White masses, after decades of filth and slime poured over our ideals by our foes. But, THAT Comrades is WHAT we must concentrate upon doing!

I have observed FIRST HAND the LACK of SUCCESS of the two camps discussed above, since I first joined George Lincoln Rockwell's ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16. In my view it is better to "reach and educate" ONE racial comrade with the TRUTH of the Good Word of National Socialism as it is set forth, than to attempt to cater to those who are NOT revolutionary minded enough to yet grasp WHAT our agenda IS. We insist that it’s NOT enough to have a few "crumbs" given our Folk by the 1%ers, as a sort of "bribe" or "buy off" from upsetting the table that we are no longer allowed to sit at.

I still get mail from people who sadly have pinned their "hopes" on The Donald in "saving them" (the White population) - in all honesty, my answer to them is THIS - the Blacks THOUGHT that Obama was going to be their Savior in the White House. LMAO! Just "WHAT" did the Mighty Mulatto DO for THEM? NOTHING. Does ANYONE reading these words honestly think that the MULTI-BILLIONAIRE Mega 1%er is going out on a limb for YOU Whitey? Yet, as the ALTERNATIVE is rolling up your sleeves and DOING what needs to be done by every White man AND woman - the appeal of the "Hero on the White Horse" doing it FOR you, still stands as the #1 choice of White America...

The ONLY thing that the election of Trump SHOWS, is that there IS viable, mass support for many of our key issues - IF we swear to take advantage of utilizing them!

Well Comrades, I hope that you had a restful and enjoyable Yuletide holiday, I did. And now it’s time to get back to work for the attainment of those 14Words and Social Justice for our White Working Class. The White Worker will be printed as a "double issue" this January (Dec-Jan) with enlarged amount of pages. Orders are in the process of being filled and shipped out. We request your patience as the gears begin to move one more...

Please remember that ALL of the ANP Staff are unpaid VOLUNTEERS who "DO" what they can, as they can get to it. If you get antsy about things not progressing fast enough - we could sure use some more VOLUNTEER HELP in so many aspects of Party operations...Hint/Hint!

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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