ANP Report for March 24, 2017

Racial Comrades: Every year, the American Nazi Party announces our Spring Blitz outreach campaign, and this year is no different, except in ONE respect: in this sensitive political climate that has awakened more people than I've EVER seen in my decades of struggle, NOW is the prime time for the BIGGEST Spring Blitz EVER!

It would be a SHAME to merely do what we've always done when we have such a fantastic opportunity to spread the good word of National Socialism! People need to understand what NS is all about, and then come to the conclusion that it is in THEIR best interest. Our primary outreach efforts are called “REO” - Reach, Educate, and Organize the White masses. Our mission is embodied in the 14 Words, and to secure social justice for the White working-class.

Comrades, the month of April has always been declared to be White Pride Month by the American Nazi Party, because it is the month of the birth-date of Adolf Hitler on April the 20th. During this period of the year we make a SPECIAL TRIBUTE to the Fuhrer by engaging in the annual Spring Blitz Outreach literature campaign, where all National Socialists HONOR Adolf Hitler - NOT by "lighting a candle" or "pausing to think Great Thoughts", or hoisting a beer - but, instead to DO SOMETHING that Adolf Hitler WOULD approve of - SHARING the GOOD WORD of NATIONAL SOCIALISM to our Folk, with an even greater effort than usual.

So next month, April 2017, I’m asking ALL of you, to make a personal commitment to distributing MORE flyers, and MORE leaflets, and MORE business cards, than you ever have before in ANY month since you started your activism! Remember the words of Adolf Hitler when he said, “It is not enough that you believe, you must fight!” And that means you MUST be ACTIVE with your efforts to REO!

Just this week, big news stories have come out highlighting the dire situation the White world finds itself in. Incidents and attacks against our oppressed people happen on a DAILY basis, but for a 14-year-old girl in Rockville who was violently raped by two illegals, and for the 5 people in London that were murdered at the hands of a Muslim foreigner, White Genocide is VERY VERY REAL. Is YOUR daughter worth fighting for? Your family? What kind of world will your children grow up in? It’s an easy answer: Whatever world YOU leave for them to inherit!

And what’s so awful about these incidences, besides the immediate damage done to the victims and their families, is the abhorrent reaction to them by our anti-White enemies! The school superintendent of the Rockville Rape didn’t condemn the illegals, or the open borders of this country, but he accused the PARENTS of RACISM! Apparently, rape is fine, but racism is just too much to tolerate! And the arab mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said the murder of 5 people by a foreigner was just “Part And Parcel Of Living In A Big City”, but please bring in more so-called “refugees!” LOL!

For many people, they’ve seen enough, and have FINALLY decided to get involved in the struggle. It’s time to get off the fence, and choose a side. Will you fight for your families, or for judeo-capitalist exploitation?

For White Worker Power! 88!!

American Nazi Party

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