ANP Report for April 23, 2017

Racial Comrades: Our Spring Blitz Outreach campaign is well under way, and I've gotten some very positive reports from activists that have used their personal time to spread the GOOD WORD of National Socialism! It doesn't matter whether you spend a Saturday morning distributing 200 flyers, or if you intelligently place 10 ANP message cards a few times a week. The point is, we need to get the message out to reach the White masses that have been trampled on - for SO MANY YEARS - by this evil corrupt system.

On another point of Party business, some of you haven't received your orders yet but don't worry! We're working on getting everything caught up here at HQ. The April issue of The White Worker periodical ( which celebrates White Pride Month ) looks fantastic, and the May issue is looking great as well!

As we just passed the birthday of Adolf Hitler ( hopefully you spent the day involved in NS activism instead of lighting a candle or toasting a beer to a great man that didn't drink! LOL ), it should be noted that May 1st is almost here, and while around the world, people will celebrate the "Day of the Worker" ( in National Socialist Germany, "May Day" was a Day of Honor for those who by mind or hand, produced for the Folk ) here in the Good Old Jew-S-A this day is virtually IGNORED. WHY?

I believe it's very simple - in this evil, decadent Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity of a system - "WORK" is considered to be another of those "four lettered words", that are not "respectable". Folks who actually LABOR for a LIVING - ESPECIALLY those who SWEAT while working, are looked down upon by those wealthy bastards whole make MILLIONS by the stroke of a keyboard, MANIPULATING money.

And let's face it people - THEY - are the ones in CONTROL, and THEY are the ones who run the whole shebang. At more than one recent rally, there's been signs that read, “THE GOYIM KNOW” and YES, the White man is FINALLY starting to slowly awaken from his slumber! But it's no surprise that THEY look down their collective hooked noses at the rest of us, and who through their controlled mass media, create the false image that THEY alone are worthy of honor and emulation.

You think not? Ok, then WHO are our children told over and over to aspire to become? Is it the man who can FIX his own CAR, or a fellow who can REPAIR his own PLUMBING, or the woman who can somehow juggle a JOB, a HOME, and being a MOTHER all at the same time? NO!!! It's those plastic "people" ( creatures, really ) who you constantly see being held up as "wonderful examples" for everyone else to fawn upon.

You know the "types" - the "males and/or females" in their fancy, expensive clothing and toys - making big monies in their plush offices, having "power lunches" everyday, going to constant "meetings" in air-conditioned rooms, cool in summer, warm in winter, having "expense accounts" and the latest "company cars"... The list could go on and on.

Forget about the MEN and WOMEN who labor away in the COLD in WINTER, and the sweltering HEAT in SUMMER. Forget about the vast mass of real workers who day after day, drudge away at boring, monotonous HARD WORK - usually NOT getting paid what they honestly DESERVE for their productive efforts!

Up here in Michigan, the system just LOVES to hold up the "auto worker" as the "typical example" of labor in Michigan. What a FRAUD! The NUMBER of people employed in the auto industry is so damn MINUSCULE compared to ALL the OTHER various workers employed here, that they are a TINY, percentage of the labor force. And the ONLY REASON that they are so much better off - is that they are HIGHLY UNIONIZED - paid for by the virtual BLOOD and SACRIFICE of many, many years ago. So few people, including American workers themselves are even AWARE of the BLOODY STRUGGLE that it took, for these courageous men and women to decades past, to ACHIEVE those RIGHTS that today so many take for granted!

Few realize how the greedy EMPLOYERS on the whole, fought back against basic workers' RIGHTS - such as a limited hourly work week, or even HEALTH BENEFITS, and worker SAFETY REGULATIONS - hiring GOONS as well as utilizing the system's enforcers ( cops ) to break the workers unionizing for their best interests. Btw, ALL these items were GIVEN the WORKERS long before they won them here, from the Judeo-Capitalists - in National Socialist Germany!

Adolf Hitler was a true FRIEND of the WORKERS - another reason WHY the Judeo-Capitalists HATE his so much! As a true MAN of the PEOPLE - being ONE of THEM - Adolf Hitler not only UNDERSTOOD them and their needs, he (unlike the "successful" in today's sick society) not only did NOT "look down at the common man/woman" - he instead reached out a hand and HELPED THEM in their daily struggle for a decent, healthy existence.

This May, the ANP Spring Blitz CONTINUES on throughout the month. I THANK those who are taking part in this true example of National Socialist spirit.

We have another month to continue our CONCENTRATED, NATIONWIDE OUTREACH CAMPAIGN - with even better weather to do our work in - and I personally urge each and every ANP Comrade to TAKE PART in this historic effort. Even IF you ONLY distribute ONE ITEM - each day, when you go to the store, or wherever - remember that you're PART of a TEAM EFFORT all across America...and that ALL TOGETHER it DOES add up!

The old adage of – If not YOU, then WHO...should always be in our minds!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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