ANP Report for June 11, 2017

Racial Comrades: I realize this Report was very late in coming, but let me assure you all that the voice and strength of National-Socialism in America - The American Nazi Party - continues to work tirelessly for YOU and OUR PEOPLE.

I apologize to those who are waiting on orders; here at HQ we are very busy catching up and will get to yours soon. We have a HUGE Spring issue of The White Worker that will be mailed out soon to all those subscribers and Official Supporters in good standing with the Party.

It is critically important that EACH one of you continue to push outreach and spread the good word of National Socialism through all forms of media. Right now, news and media are exploding as they never have before with individual voices speaking up, shouting above the grumblings of the masses, proclaiming truths that MILLIONS of people have been thinking for years, yet only now in this tumultuous political climate can those truths find people eager to listen. Keep speaking up!

The division and radicalization that we are seeing on BOTH sides is a GOOD THING. When people stop caring about who wins the latest sports game on the poisonous TV and instead begins to pay attention to the direction their country is heading, we have something to celebrate! Even if someone wants to fight for the enemy and advocate for the genocide of White People everywhere, at LEAST that is SOMETHING.

Let me explain for those who don’t understand.

Our Aryan people around the world in ALL our historic homelands that we settled, fought and died for over CENTURIES are now being overrun by HORDES of non-White invaders from various parts of the world at the direct COMMAND of the traitorous leadership of these lands! Sadly, so many people are focused on the invaders themselves rather than those bringing them into our countries by force. Personally, I would rather the issue of whether White People will continue to exist on this planet or not be settled SOONER rather than slowly over time, being murdered and bred out of existence, quietly and submissively disappearing forever.

Those who are rabidly against us, help turn normal White working class men and women into people that care about their heritage and families and join the struggle. We are fighting for the children in this struggle and need to reach as many people as possible to show them that there is a better way forward - National Socialism.

Comrades, there are MANY things that YOU can DO - to help the ANP achieve its goals and agenda.

The FIRST one involves YOU financially $upporting our work, by becoming an ANP Official Supporter at 33 cents a day, or $10 a month. Please review the "support" section of our website.

The SECOND is to EDUCATE yourself ABOUT "what" National Socialism REALLY is, (not the "hollywierd nutzi" version that consists of hating everyone who wasn't born White) the REAL ideology of Adolf Hitler, that is concerned with OUR Folk, in a totally POSITIVE fashion.

The THIRD is to become a Party Activist, someone who carefully distributes ANP Outreach literature to the White Working Class population who are hungry for answers. Please review the "Outreach" website in the "links" section of our main Party website.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE reading this message has some personal talent, or abilities that could be put to good use in our NS Struggle - review yours - and decide "what" you could offer our movement, and let us know.

At present, the NS Movement is a "tiny acorn" compared to what needs to be done - but, it CAN grow and SUCCEED - only IF people like yourself will HELP it achieve its agenda.

But, that takes WORK, that takes RESOURCES, that takes YOU. Aren't YOU ready YET?

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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