ANP Report for June 26, 2017

Racial Comrades: Again, I must apologize to those who haven't YET received their order or The White Worker issues. To be honest, and speaking from DECADES of experience in this struggle, I can proudly say that the ANP has been the most RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, and GENUINE, National Socialist organization I have ever been a part of or known about. I extend my appreciation to those who STAY THE COURSE through all the peaks and valleys that any organization will experience!

A LOT has been going on in the news lately and Official Supporters in the ANP has sent me numerous articles about truly disgusting degeneracy going on in the world, in ADDITION TO our White nations continuing to be flooded by 3rd world invaders! It's truly difficult to have compassion for many of the victims of the murdering, raping, pillaging that has occurred from these foreigners, the vast MAJORITY of which are males of fighting age! These are NOT “refugees.”

We/You must continue NON-STOP to Reach our people, Educate them to what is happening, and Organize those with a backbone! Our enemy never rests and neither should we!

Let me switch gears here and answer a few questions I've received:

1. Are you modeling the American Nazi Party after the principles of the SS?

ANSWER - The ANP is based upon the principals laid down in Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf - PERIOD. While we have "adapted" National Socialism to the 21st century and the problems and issues that American White Workers presently face - instead of an era, in a different country in the past century - the TACTICS may be "flexible" while our IDEOLOGY remains SOLID!

2. What are your feelings towards non-whites who are legal immigrants?

ANSWER - The ANP is seeking a WHITE HOMELAND, period. A place where WHITE culture is preserved and where our peoples' hopes and dreams and abilities are NOT subsumed into some toilet-bowl like "melting pot" such as South America or South Africa. For White people who are STILL STRUGGLING to support their families - EVERY "immigrant" is a potential JOB STEALER. This nation NEEDS MORE JOBS - NOT - MORE "IMMIGRATION". A LOT of jobs could be created, at least temporarily, if Trump kept his promise of building a long-overdue wall! Just "because" some 3rd-worlder makes it into the USA and pops out some kid is no VALID reason to accept those people as "citizens" EQUAL to the White American population that BUILT this country in the first place!

3. Do you have a vision of what the Aryan race would be? (For instance, I am blonde and green-eyed. Would you want all whites associated with the Party to look like me, as an example?)

ANSWER - Once again you are misinformed. "Aryans" are people from EVERY Euro-Aryan land - Irish, French, Russian, Spainish etc et al. We are the true "RAINBOW FOLK" as our race encompasses blue, green, grey, brown, black eye colors as an example, as well as blond, red, brown, black hair as no other race can boast. Nature/God has truly blessed our people! Beauty is OBJECTIVE, and we can see that from the large numbers of non-Whites that dye their hair and even wear colored contacts.

4. What would be an ideal foreign policy for your party if elected to the White House?

ANSWER - A National Socialist America would no longer be a partner in this "Global Economy". Rather, a NS America would REBUILD industry HERE in America - BY and FOR the American people, and to HELL WITH GROSS PROFITS for the FEW who get richer at the cost to the many. We would no longer have wars around the globe to make the world safe for Judeo-Capitalist EXPLOITATION - and our "foreign policy" would be geared at NOT EXPLOITING non-Whites for their natural resources as is presently done - rather on fair BARTER between nations who need what the others have to offer - just what NS Germany did - direct barter NOT utilizing the JEW-INTERNATIONAL FINANCE BANKERS, who demand "their cut" while doing literally NOTHING but sifting papers around...which was the REAL REASON "why" Judeo-Capitalism AND Judeo-Communism JOINED TOGETHER to destroy these political mavericks!

5. Do you agree with slavery of non-whites?

ANSWER - Unlike Judeo-Capitalism AND Judeo-Communism - National Socialism NEVER held either SLAVES or COLONIES. In fact, NS Germany held very GOOD relations with much of the Non-Aryan world. Its only real enemies were to be found in those countries enslaved by either Judeo-Capitalism and/or Judeo-Communism!

6. What are the principles of White Supremacy?

ANSWER - NS do NOT believe in "white supremacy". In order to be a "supremacist" OVER someone - you HAVE to have a multi-racial society. NS believes in RACIAL SEPARATION - hence it would be impossible for us to be "supreme over non-Whites" if they are not in our society.

7. Where did the term Aryan originate?

ANSWER - Aryan simply means "Noble" - we believe that White people should strive to BE a "noble" people in every meaning of the word

8. What is your personal policy of behavior towards non-whites in your everyday life?

ANSWER - A National Socialist should revere the "Golden Rule" - ie act towards others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

9. What are your personal feelings towards the Jews?

ANSWER - The same as the above - UNLESS an INDIVIDUAL(S) seeks to do HARM to myself and/or my people. Many jews and even non-Whites are in the "same boat" as myself and millions of other White Workers - exploited by their wealthier brethren and treated as wage-slaves and cannon-fodder to this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM.

10. What are your personal views of the Holocaust?

ANSWER - It's like "slavery". MY people never owned "slaves", in fact in Europe MY people were SERFS and PEASANTS while the negro's were slaves to the rich Judeo-Capitalists over here. I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FIG EITHER WAY. The PAST is GONE - we need to look to TODAY and the FUTURE. We only keep hearing about this "holohoax" over and over BECAUSE the WEALTHY JEWS who control the media have found it to be a good money-making racket.

Additionally, instead of attempting to de-brainwash people who have had decades of crap poured into their heads I often state that I DON'T CARE, that WWII was before I was even born, and that I had nothing to do with ANYTHING that happened in that time period. Neither in Europe, nor in incinerating people in Japan with Atom bombs. Instead I AM concerned about EVENTS occurring TODAY in my world.

Comrades, I have yet to find ANYWHERE amongst NS writings - National Socialism as an ideology - ADVOCATING the "EXTERMINATION" of jews, or anyone. ONLY in the ENEMY'S "versions" about us, are those lies to be found. Or, sadly amidst those HOLLYWIERD-NUTZIS out there, who along with their home-made "SS" costumes, regurgitate the propaganda of the enemy, through their own pitiful ignorance, or worse...

11. Do you believe in racial cleansing by genocide? If not, do you currently have any ideas on how you would like to cleanse the Aryan race?

ANSWER - By SEPARATION from "others". There is NOT ONE - "ALL WHITE" nation on planet earth anymore. While there ARE numerous ALL-NON-WHITE counties and cultures - with flourishing populations. These Non-White populations are POURING into WHITE HOMELANDS - changing and destroying them. You can't point out WHITE INVASION and TAKE OVER of any Non-White land, can you? RIGHT NOW in the United States, non-White births outnumber White births! We are a minority in our own land. What's next? Maybe Germany??

Death by money, lack of.
by Steve Davenport

We, the Aryan people are letting ourselves be nickel and dimed to death by the Capitalist class. It is fast getting to the point where it is getting too expensive to be able to afford to stay alive. In the quest for cheaper products, we let ourselves be played for suckers, and gave the predator Capitalists the green light to look overseas for better deals. The result has been little more than catastrophic to the US economy. Vast numbers of good pay, good benefit jobs were outsourced overseas. It helped India, and China, but has doomed the American middle class. The American middle class has shrunk by a full third, with more shrinkage to follow. The once prosperous and happy American worker, is now being damned to poverty, and if lucky, subsistence wages. The vaunted American middle class lifestyle is becoming unaffordable for most Americans. The net result is a country becoming poorer overall. Half the country is at or below the poverty level. Half the country gets some form of govt assistance. 1 in 5 children live in poverty. The Capitalist, and political classes just sit back and count their profits. In the meantime, the common people starve, and face foreclosure on their homes.

No job, means no money. No money, means no home. Our system is helping to impoverish its own people. It's also helping to destroy it, by making health care unaffordable. The insurance industry will be worried about profits, not patients. It has actually taken a law by Congress, just to make them stop refusing to insure pre-existing conditions. They prefer to wage wars, like the current anti Islamist crusade, and the recent bombing in Syria by Trump who has previous said we shouldn't get involved in the Middle-East!

Is this the system you wish to stay loyal to and support? If you're not donating to the ANP, you're quietly nodding your approval of this system's behavior toward you and your family. The only reason anybody could support and approve of this system is if you're fabulously rich, or a masochist. This system is for rich folks and Zionists only. All else are being destroyed. Don't jump in that grave. Support the movement that stands for the life of the Aryan race: the ANP.

Comrades, Summer is official here, and while many of you will be planning “fun” activities or going on “vacation”, the battle rages on. We are fighting for the children—what kind of world are we leaving for them?

For White WORKER Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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