ANP Report for September 17, 2017

Racial Comrades: I hope that all you CONservatives, “AltRighters”, those duped by David Duke, and the rest of those who thought that super-capitalist Trump - with his jewish son-in-law, jewish grandchildren, heavily jewish cabinet, and who just recently stated, “I love Israel” - was “OUR GUY” LOL!!

Like I stated about two years ago (read our archived Reports), Trump is a “Spiritual Jew.” Here’s what I said, “Ah, and there's the rub, as Shakespeare used to say - he also describes himself as a "SUPER ZIONIST"; I myself would describe him more as a "Spiritual Jew", he's so engrossed in Judeo-Capitalism, that it's his whole life, making more and more money - btw, his beautiful Aryan daughter is married to a wealthy JEW "real estate broker" and has herself "converted" to Judaism. Recently, Donald Trump was honored over in Israel as one of the "one hundred most influential people" to help jews and Israel in the entire world!”

So WHAT exactly am I referring to when I hope that you all GET IT by now? Well for starters, I don’t see a promised WALL being built, I don’t see mass deportations of CRIMINALS that have INVADED our lands, and we are still under the tyranny of ObamaCare. But most recently, it sounds like Trump is making a complete switch from his stance on immigration and this so-called DREAM act.

Trump is now making deals that are making way for the largest amnesty ( letting criminal invaders STAY in our land ) EVER. If DREAM Act 2017 passes, it will cost taxpayers almost $200 billion over 10 years. Not to mentions all the lives that will be forever ruined by the murders committed by these illegals, the drugs they’ll bring over, the rapes that will occur, the jobs that will be lost and so much more. That Trump has even ENTERTAINED, and actually is now FOR such a vile traitorous act as amnesty is unconscionable.

I usually don’t pay attention to Ann Coulter, but she did say this which i liked: “Possible 2020 slogan: ‘I broke my promises, betrayed my friends & used my office to help my family, but, hey — at least I’m not Hillary!”

All of this, however, does NOT mean that we give up the MOMENTUM that’s come about because of Trump’s electoral victory! We STILL and ALWAYS need to continue to spread the good word of National Socialism throughout ALL forms of media in EVERY WAY that we can! We have a large free flyer library on the SUPPORT section of our website for starters. We must continue to REACH, EDUCATE, and then ORGANIZE people to build up NS in this nation before it’s too late.

Speaking of our website, one - SIGNIFICANT - hurdle that we face every year is funding for our domain. In order to host our site our yearly bill is SIGNIFICANT. So I am forced to ask YOU to please confirm your commitment to the 14 Words by giving a little EXTRA in the form of financial donations. We really need you to step up here and help $UPPORT the Party that fights for you. Please, only send well-concealed cash or money orders (made out to “ANP”). We need the money by the end of the month.
Thank you very much to those who support their cause!!

For White WORKER Power!!

Rocky Suhayda
Chairman, American Nazi Party

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