ANP Report for November 21, 2017

Racial Comrades: This year marked my 50th year of ACTIVE involvement in the "racial movement", since I first joined George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party as a youth of 16 years old in 1967. It has been a long road to travel and I wish I could claim that it has been a more successful one than it has.

George Lincoln Rockwell had a favorite saying, it went like this - "White Man, What Will It Take To Make You Fight?"

After 50 years of trying, I honestly wonder if the White American Worker - White OR Blue collar - really WANTS to be "SAVED"...

I know, I know, the so-called "leadership" that has been steering the rudder has by and large been pretty dismal - if they weren't ZOG controlled assets, who had the systems hook in their asses for past lifestyle "mistakes" - that purposely followed ZOG’s orders in miss directions of their followers into dead end activities - they were collectively the most moronic, unimaginative three stooges who blindly followed "what was done before (unsuccessfully) why let’s do it again, and again and AGAIN!" After all, just WHAT would you call someone who consistently repeats the same failed TACTICS thinking that the outcome would be any different? Well Comrades, isn't THAT just what these MINI-POOHBAHS "DO"?

We have this new phenomenon which is called the "Alt-Right" - right off the bat THAT turns ME off, as I am a REVOLUTIONARY-minded NATIONAL SOCIALIST; I want NOTHING TO DO - with ANYTHING that is Kosher Con-servative Right Wing. I find NOTHING worth "CONSERVING" in today’s sick, decadent toilet-bowl of a society - honestly, DO YOU? Nor the perverse era(s) that led up to WHAT we are forced to exist in today! We NEED to clean the slate and start over with something BETTER, and to me that is a modern NATIONAL SOCIALIST based society!

Here we are, after the election of multi-billionaire Donald Trump to the Presidency, just about a whole YEAR later - and WHAT’S "DIFFERENT"?

Has anybody SEEN even the BEGINNING of the "GREAT WALL" yet? LOL

If ANYTHING came out of electing this wealthy bozo, it was the mere FACT that - YES! - the White masses DID respond positively to his "message", and despite all the systemite "experts", HE GOT ELECTED because what he "SAID" resonated with the White American public...

GETTING ELECTED is POSSIBLE. But, you HAVE to be willing to TRY.

If all these "PROTESTERS" quit being punching bags for the Marxist mobs, media clowns for the jews media, and instead concentrated upon CAMPAIGNING for local elections that ARE possible - IF THEY ACTED LIKE THEY OUGHT - there is a good possibility that SOME of them could win.

Hell, they would still get that jews media COVERAGE that they covet so much, but as NORMAL political "statesmen" - IF they acted the part. NOT as nature’s oddities.

Of course, they would HAVE to have somewhat "clean records" as candidates, NOT deadbeat dads, habitual loafers, or race-mixers like the mighty mini-fuhrer Jeff Schoep, who still after MARRYING a self-declared ARAB woman with a BLACK daughter while being "commander" of his motley collections of "LOOK at ME!" sad sacks ( check it out yourself - simply Google these words: ‘JEFF SCHOEP NSM RACE MIXING’ and SEE all that appears ) who has the nerve to still claim to be a "white nationalist", AND is still accepted AND associates with others in this so-called "Alt Right" collection of publicity seekers. WHAT is WRONG with this picture here folks?

IF you don't set some kind of STANDARDS for your "LEADERSHIP" - what KIND of followers are they likely to attract? BIRDS OF A FEATHER...?

This past year has been a rough one, for me in particular, but I'm proud and happy to be able to state that the Organization has held TOGETHER as I hoped that they would, and for that I am forever grateful to those who made it so. I am also thankful to be alive and still able to be here for my family, and to be an asset to them and not a burden.

I still have that revolutionary zeal that has kept me going all these years, and as a sincere National Socialist, what choice do I have but to carry on the torch as far as I am able. But, I will admit that is comforting to know that no matter what ever may come our way - I have LOYAL COMRADES who stand beside me in good times or bad come whatever may...!

The White Worker magazine will be out in a day or two, it will be another lager combined issue - Oct-Nov - I'm hoping that by the New Year we will back on track as a regular monthly magazine as in the past years. If ANYONE is to "blame" it is myself, and my "excuse" is my health - please bear with us.

As Thanksgiving approaches, let us all count our many blessings, not least of all, that the banner of Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell still proudly and aggressively waves in the face of all opposition and as a sterling symbol of hope to embattled Aryan mankind! Where others might seek to hide their beliefs behind fancy "krinklejammers", we OPENLY RAISE the SWASTIKA BANNER HIGH!


Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

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