ANP Report for January 27, 2018

Racial Comrades: I suppose it is due time for a State of the Party Address to those loyal Official Supporters and Members that have truly dedicated their lives to the National Socialist cause and the 14 Words. I hope that now that the Holiday Season - with its largely materialist overtones and the promotion of greed everywhere you turn - has finally abated, we can get back to REAL work.

As for with so many of the NEGATIVE aspects of today's existence in this toilet-bowl for White Working Class Americans - and I've said it before, many times - YOU GET WHATEVER YOU ALLOW to be done to you. And in this present day sick society of "sports fans", and consumers of CHINESE JUNK, led like the zombies of the living dead towards the endless drone of - "I WANT MORE, I NEED MORE, I MUST HAVE MORE...!" The ranks of the brain-dead WORK for LESS, EXPECT lower QUALITY, and GET IT - while racking up DEBT further and further to the bleeding blood-suckers with their "easy credit" INTEREST SLAVERY schemes, trying to "out-do" the next fool with the latest gimmick or gadget that the Judeo-Capitalist propaganda machine ( advertising ) convinces them that they just HAVE to HAVE.

You see, I'm afraid that unlike the typical, average "White Movement" individual, the ENEMY DOESN'T take a break in the literal WAR upon ourselves. George Lincoln Rockwell once wrote: "Whether it is being done by force of arms, or sexual re-population, the White man is being overwhelmed OUT of his own territory by the non-White hoards."

I believe that 2017 was a pivotal year for America and the world. The forced invasion of various White homelands by so-called “refugees” and all the horror that countless families have had to endure because of it, has been an ongoing nightmare. But in that same time we’ve seen a resurgence (though still far too small) of Aryan courage to EXPOSE these crimes against our people. So much so that the big anti-White companies like Facebook and Twitter have openly attacked speech they don’t agree with - which means anything even marginally pro-White.

Our own ANP account on Twitter was expectedly banned, and we have since switched to GAB for putting out quick messages on social media ( ). Other companies that (for now at least) still value freedom of speech have started popping up all over the place as the masses are rejecting the big controlled-media corporations.

So, WELCOME to 2018! A new year means new opportunities; as National Socialist Revolutionaries let us prepare to take advantage of them!

The “Great White Hope” to numerous fools - Donald Trump - just recently stated he’d be ok with providing almost 2 MILLION ILLEGAL INVADERS a “path to citizenship.” This is your “Compromiser in Chief”! LOL

Can you imagine any leader throughout the centuries that, without any threat of death, wanted to assist the enemy in conquering his land? Would any HEALTHY populace tolerate the destruction of their land and heritage as White people have?

Anyways, it is my hope, as it always has been, that White people will collectively rise up against the racial treason we encounter daily and fight for our right to EXIST on this earth. I hope that more and more White people FIND their COURAGE and speak out against the tyranny foisted upon us!

I believe that we need to QUIT being too cowardly and fearful about actually MEETING with other sincere people like ourselves, and to ORGANIZE. Yes, REAL-WORLD interaction. No, I'm NOT talking about attending these silly "protests" held by these costumed clowns for the benefit of the enemies TV cameras. What I am talking about is getting together with other people in your area, who belong to the SAME organization that YOU do. NOTHING beats sincere, intelligent people UNITED and WORKING towards a mutual goal - TOGETHER!

The American Nazi Party remains the only active, sincere, National Socialist organization in the United States. We produce the ONLY hardcopy monthly publication, and we have much more planned for this coming year! Please join us in this monumental struggle for the 14 Words.

Hail Victory!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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