ANP Report for June 07, 2018

NS Greetings Comrades!

NO, in regards to a number of enquiries, due to my lack of an ANPReport in the month of May - I’m not dead.

Although I must admit that during that month, altho I was physically alive, I was "spiritually dead", hence my lack of communication over the past month...

You see, being as I am a bit of an Anglophile, the recent marriage between "prince chucky" - who is SUPPOSED to be the REPRESENTATIVE of the English people - and a half-negro mulatto woman, AND its acceptance by the English people themselves, was very depressing to myself. Apparently throughout the width and length of the British isles, he could find no ARYAN woman who took his fancy, AND the acceptance of that by the men and women of England... What more can I say?

NS Germany stated that fratricidal war between brothers would - even in the event of Germany's defeat - spell the end of "Great Britain". Very sad...

As well, the month’s donations for May were so meager on the most part, that it took the whole month before we had the necessary resources to publish the 40 page May issue of The White Worker monthly magazine.

You know, beyond "computer expense", printing hard copy as we do (AT COST I might add! And who else does this?) chews up the vast majority of donations received. And for some "REASON" once the summertime arrives, donations tend to drop significantly.

Hell, we even have some people who complain about making that $10 a month that is requested!?! Do you realize that Official Supporter Pledges were a MINIMUM FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH when I first joined the Party in 1967! And excuse me, but COSTS have sure RISEN over the decades - well, haven't they?

Enough said. Perhaps if the ANP went and entangled itself in ZOG's courts, needing to hire expensive lawyers because of idiotic "leadership" and stupid tactics and strategies, folks might be more sympathetic and generous?

I have been "in this" for a VERY LONG TIME...and I had always HOPED that as "things" got WORSE, a significant number of Aryan men and women would step up to the plate and get SERIOUS in their $UPPORT of what they SUPPOSEDLY believed.

I guess that the old saying about there being nothing like a Old Fool has some merit...

For White WORKER Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda
Chairman, American Nazi Party

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