ANP Report for August 11, 2018

Racial Comrades: I have some unfortunate news to report. After 45+ years years of tireless dedication to the cause of National-Socialism, our Chairman--the voice of National-Socialism in the United States for at LEAST the past 20 years--has retired. He worked relentlessly to spread the positive message of NS to the White masses, and overcame all the many setbacks along the way. John Taylor Bowles, after an equal 45 years in the struggle, has decided to retire as well. There is literally no one else on the planet that deserves a retirement more than these two giants among men.

So while I have your attention, allow me to make a very important point. The American Nazi Party--the American National-Socialist organization of George Lincoln Rockwell and Rocky Suhayda--will not only continue the struggle, but we plan to take it further than it has ever been before.

You see, Rocky was always a soldier at heart. He never had arrogant ambitions of being a “grand poobah” or creating a “Rocky Suhayda fan club”; his primary drive in life--besides his wonderful family--was National-Socialism. He didn’t want the ANP to falter when he inevitably left, like how the old National Alliance crumbled as soon as William Pierce died. Chairman Suhayda made a sincere and successful effort to establish an organization that was well-equipped to survive whether he was steering the boat or not.

Upon his initial retirement announcement to a select few, the ANP officers immediately set to work to ensure the vibrant continuity of the Party. You see, for ANP adherents this isn’t a game or a hobby; this is the future of our people that’s at stake.

With that said, there is a LOT of work going on behind the scenes to restructure the organization, and scrutinize our policies and tactics to work as efficiently as possible. We are looking to streamline some of our activities while broadening the critical work of NS outreach and education. I am very much looking forward to sharing with you some of the changes and advancements we will be making in the coming weeks and months!

We welcome you to join us in this next phase of the American Nazi Party. I assure you all that we will retain our commitments to quality personnel in our ranks, concern for the well-being of our supporters, and a rigid loyalty to the ideals of National-Socialism.

Comrade Rocky Suhayda, I salute you. It has been an honor to serve with you. Enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

Hail Victory!
For White WORKER Power!

Axl Hess

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