ANP Report for September 24, 2018

Racial Comrades: Thank you to those loyal Official Supporters for writing in desiring to continue the struggle. Thank you to those who have stepped up and offered more involvement in the Party! We are still waiting to hear from many of you, and every one of you is important to our mission.

We are very grateful to those who recently sent in donations, and the generosity of some of you has been very encouraging to ANP staff. That said, we are still shy of our fundraising goal to pay for our annual webhosting. If you can contribute some to the cause now it would be much appreciated. As always, and as it always will be, 100% of your donations go back into the movement.

One of the reasons Rocky Suhayda revived The American Nazi Party was to show the enemy that the Party of Rockwell is not dead. They killed the man, but never the idea, never the passion for our families and future. Please send an e-mail for how you can contribute.

-We white Aryans are under siege. We face terrible enemies everywhere. Unless we unite and confront, we will be erased from history. The Jews use the USA as a base to support Israel. No matter how ugly the Israeli treatment of the Arab Palestinians, ZOG is determined to support their masters, and drag us through a war against Islam.

The Jews of this country push a liberal agenda. An agenda that destroys white Aryan values, and threatens its very civilization. Our kids are taught racial self-hate in school. Jobs are reserved for non-whites, especially federal jobs, especially for blacks. Feminism attacks the institution of marriage and family. Feminism preaches that women should go it alone. The book, "The Feminine Mystique" was written by a Jewess and a half Jewess. It calls for women to go it alone, concentrate on career, and forget about family. We have the gay/lesbian movement pushing for same sex coupling, and forgetting about family.

Everywhere we look, groups hostile to our way of life and values are pushing at our doors. The ANP is determined to resist. It is determined to save the white Aryan in the US. Unless and until white Aryans get together, we will suffer the same fate as the whites of Zimbabwe who have been run out, and the whites of South Africa who are in the process of being run out.

Support the ANP. Donate money. Donate time to give out literature. Get involved. Leaving only a handful to struggle to save us all, is suicidal. Our race must unite and must work toward victory. White Aryans: stop dicking around, and do some damn work for your race. It’s either we save ourselves, or we lose everything, and I do mean everything.- SD

The October issue of The White Worker will be posted online in the next 8-10 days, and then we’ll have a large combined November-December issue after that. Starting January 1st, 2019, we will send out our publication via e-mail exclusively to our loyal, active, and dedicated Official Supporters.

For White WORKER Power!

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