ANP Report for November 21, 2018

Racial Comrades: I want to first say “WELCOME!” to our new Official Supporters, and those who have really stepped up in their activism for the cause. We NEED people who will take the initiative to send in articles for The White Worker, or design cards for our OS (you know who you are). We need people to provide funding for our operations, and skilled people to volunteer to give a website a major revamp (we know we need an updated website - will you help us with that?). So thank you very much to those who truly believe in the cause of National-Socialism.

Our govt is at war with itself. The press and judiciary are at war with the White House. How else can we describe the constant bickering, and recriminations bandied about? There is no "common good" anymore. This is a corrupt country. Partisan political advantage is the name of the game. The media is under Jewish liberal control. So we get the Jewish liberal slant on things. Any opposing points of view are attacked and ridiculed. Ever since the Jewish radicals launched the freedom of speech movement in the sixties, our country has skidded out of control. Schools are now just dumping grounds for kids, especially those of the ghetto.

“Learning” is limited now to learning how to self hate your race (only if you’re White of course).

Family life is disintegrating, courtesy of gay/lesbian rights, and feminism. Capitalism is supreme, and running amok. Poverty is making a comeback. Drug abuse is a terrible problem in nearly every community. The media is in permanent attack dog mode, attacking any ideas or ideology that doesn't follow the liberal Jew line. It’s now like a third world country here. Things will get worse if we let caravans (more like invading hordes) enter this country. The core values of the white Aryans will be a thing of the past. We'll be a dead civilization. Like Rhodesia, and South Africa, we Whites will be run out. We had a taste with being run out of the cities to the suburbs. Worse will come if allowed to. Like former ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda always said, “People get what they allow.”

It's time we put an end to the bullshit. We White Aryans must unite. MUST. Either we unite, or we die. ANP is the ONLY force left to us that can save us. The political parties are a big joke. The parties are just factions of rich people scrambling for wealth and power. ANP wants to bring goodness and decency back into the equation. We value honor. Honesty. Hard work. We believe in the family unit.

Please donate money and donate your time to give out literature. We must break the enemy brainwashing, and return our people back to traditional White Aryan values. To once again have a society based on racial justice. Based on honor. Back to where one's word once again means something.

WE need to gird our loins and take on the struggle! We can overcome. We have to if our kids are to grow up in a decent land, and not the sewer this country currently is. The power of the White Aryan is great. United we CAN achieve much. We need only apply ourselves. Our race has slept far too long. We must rouse it and help free it, and undo the terrible evil that currently engulfs it.

I’ll close with a quote from Rocky Suhayda: With the "holiday season" coming upon us, once again I am afraid that I find it necessary to have to mention again - that no matter "what" time of year it is - the STRUGGLE GOES ON.

Certainly, I am not a "Scrooge", or someone who is "insensitive" to enjoying a "good time". Yet, I AM a person who has set myself NOT to be a "sunshine soldier", or a "weekend warrior" when it comes to promoting the National Socialist Revolutionary Struggle.

Does the ENEMY take a "break" from HIS offensive against OUR people? NO! Of course not! This is not some battle of "gentlemen" who fight by the "Queensbury Rules"...or some such nonsense - this is a LIFE or DEATH situation, not "ONLY" for ourselves, our culture, our proud history as a Race - it is a FINAL ISSUE whether or not our CHILDREN will have a wholesome place in this world, or if they will be eventually subsumed in the "brown mass" of greed and slavery in this plastic, Judeo-Capitalist toilet-bowl of a rotten, evil society.

Comrades, I realize, hell I KNOW - just how tough these economic times ARE - to the average White American Worker...I myself AM one. Yet, I also KNOW that in a war you don't let up the pressure on the enemy - not if you hope or expect to succeed in your operations.

More and more, White America is feeling the death-grip of this decaying, imploding system that is collapsing around them. Some, sit around and complain, some sit around and whine, some roll up into a ball and try to pretend that "it isn't happening" - BUT, we National Socialists RISE to the challenge, like the Aryans that we are - and MEET IT! Would our mighty ancestors have shrunk from DOING THEIR DUTY? Did our COMRADES of the "Old Days" shrink from THEIRS?

For White WORKER Power!

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